James Earl Jones Theatre (2022) New York, NY | Playbill

James Earl Jones Theatre


Producer John Cort introduced the Cort Theatre in 1912, designed by Edward B. Corey and located east of Broadway on W. 48th Street. The Cort briefly housed "The Merv Griffin Show" between 1969 and 1972 before returning to legitimate theatre, and it later set a house record with 1,920 performances of the Stephen Schwartz musical The Magic Show. The Cort Theatre was renamed for Tony Award-winning actor James Earl Jones in 2022.

  • Built: 1912
  • Number of Seats: 1049
  • Longest Running Show: Pay-day
  • Performances: 49
  • Stage Door: As you exit the main 48th St. doors, the stage door is to your left. It is a large, unmarked metal door.
  • Bathrooms: Ladies and Men's: Down one flight of 19 steps. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located in the Renaissance Hotel mezzanine level (7th Ave and 48th St).
  • Concessions: Theatre-level lobby.