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Playbill Horoscopes 'Tis Now the Very Witching Time In Playbill's 2023 October Horoscopes

Check out which of the spooky Broadway shows you’ll most resemble in October.

Double, double toil and...a fun October ahead! Despite being the height of all things spooky and foreboding, the astrological aspects bring positive and exciting news for the signs this month.

♎️ Libra ♎️

(September 23 – October 22)
Little Shop of Horrors
Double eclipses this month will call attention to Venus' themes of love throughout October. With the first eclipse in your solar first house in Libra, you’ll be more flirty and attractive to others. This can offer up new opportunities for romance if previous ones have not been present, or strengthen existing ones if they exist. When the final lunar eclipse enters your eighth house of intimacy, those flirtations will turn to something more serious. Whether it’s a close friend you’ve known for years or a botanical genius you work with, romance is in the air for you. The moon entering Gemini will also make you a natural communicator and charmer this month.

♏️ Scorpio ♏️

(October 23 – November 21)
Jekyll & Hyde
Scorpio, when Venus in Virgo enters your 11th house of friendship, you’ll find your social life picking up pace—which is contradictory to your introverted nature. With increased invitations and rapport with your friends, you may end up spreading yourself too thin. Be sure to spend time with meaningful relationships that improve your life, not ones that hinder it. Celebrate and acknowledge those individuals more than you have in the past.

♐️ Sagittarius ♐️

(November 22 – December 21)
With the solar eclipse in Libra entering your solar 11th house of friendship, the approval (or disapproval) of others will be at the forefront of your mind. Don’t let what others may think of you become an obsession or distraction this month. Fight against it and stay true to yourself. With Moon and Venus transiting into your 10th house, you’ll start new flirtations. But if you’re already in a relationship, be on the lookout for potential complications.

♑️ Capricorn ♑️

(December 22 – January 19)
American Psycho
Capricorn, your career will take flight this October! The solar eclipse will occur in your 10th house in Libra, hinting at a potential promotion or new job. This, of course, is exciting for you as your career is extremely important to you and you’ve been feeling stagnant for a while. With increased confidence, you’ll continue to outshine the competition and your colleagues with your problem-solving skills. Additionally, your work relationships will continue to improve as those around you look up to you with respect.

♒️ Aquarius ♒️

(January 20 – February 18)
Young Frankenstein
When Mars moves into Scorpio in your 10th house, you may begin to feel on edge. Those around you (particularly coworkers) will be a source of tension. But with the solar eclipse in Libra in your ninth house, these tenses will start to soften by the middle of the month. With Saturn in Pisces moving retrograde in your second house of money, you’ll likely to be more protective of money this month—or at least less inclined to spend money as you have in previous months.

♓️ Pisces ♓️

(February 19 – March 20)
The Addams Family
Pisces, this month brings invitations for thrilling outings from relatives, friends, and partners who are looking to share your spirit of exciting adventures. If you’re single, you’ll receive your share of attention as the Moon and Venus visit your seventh house of romantic partners. Finally, when the solar eclipse enters your eighth house of Libra, you’ll begin to feel a cosmic calling for introspection and change. You’ll find yourself more reflective of who you are and what you want in your life—particularly going into next year.

♈️ Aries ♈️

(March 21 – April 19)
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Relationships and new interactions will occupy your thoughts and times this October. The Solar Eclipse on the 14th falls in Libra in your solar seventh house of relationships— both personal and business connections. Additionally, with the Lunar Eclipse in your second house of income, money, and resources, you’re likely to see a bump in your bank account. Just like the success that Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd find in their companionship and respective “businesses,” productivity and connections with coworkers will shine this month. Though don't be as un-savory about it, if you know what we mean!

♉️ Taurus ♉️

(April 20 – May 20)
Taurus, as Virgo enters Venus in your solar fifth house of pleasure and entertainment, you’ll have more camaraderie and fun to look forward to. Enjoyment with friends will become your focus in October. Go out to parties, networking opportunities, dinners (avoid the shrimp cocktail) and even a haunted house or two. This is the perfect month to acknowledge relationships that influence and impact your life. Spend time with the Beetlejuice to your Lydia.

♊️ Gemini ♊️

(May 21 – June 20)
The Phantom of the Opera
An active love life awaits you this month, Gemini. If you’re not already in a relationship, October will provide many new opportunities to meet new exciting people. This comes with the solar eclipse moving into Libra in your solar fifth house. Additionally, with the moon and Venus in your solar fourth house of home and family making music, you’ll feel more at rest and relaxed than you have in months. Use this time to let yourself be creative and potentially explore romantic interests.

♋️ Cancer ♋️

(June 21 – July 22)
Grey House
Cancer, home life takes an upbeat and increased resonance this month as the solar eclipse brings Libra into your fourth house of home and family. Gratitude and positive rapport with household members will take hold and you’ll be more inclined to spend time with them. While home life will reign supreme this month, make sure to take a trip or two while your work life isn’t occupying too much of your attention. Though make sure that you don’t spend too much time in a strange cabin in the woods.

♌️ Leo ♌️

(July 23 – August 22)
Ghost The Musical
October is a nostalgic month for you, Leo. You’ll spend a lot of time reminiscing about old times with friends and past adventures. Take this as a sign to reunite with old friends and reconnect with past professional acquaintances, as you may never know what these relationships may bring to your life. With Venus in Virgo entering your second house of personal finances and material possessions, be mindful of how much you spend this month. It may be tempting to entertain and spend lavishly, but do not let it go unchecked.

♍️ Virgo ♍️

(August 23 – September 22)
The Rocky Horror Show
Love and relationships are the spotlight for you, Virgo as Venus enters your solar first house of self. If you’re single, you’ll find new flirtations. If you’re already in a relationship, prepare for exciting romantic discussions and gestures. Additionally, with the solar eclipse entering your second house of personal finances and materials—expect to see a shift in your finances for better or worse. You’ll be driven to make money this month but whether or not you can save it is up to you. Either way, October will be a thrilling month for you, full of antici....pation!

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