Anna Karenina: a riff

Anna Karenina: a riff

Presented by Notch Theatre Company

SYNOPSIS: Russians in track suits play melodicas to an original, folk-punk score in this fresh adaptation of Anna Karenina. Set in 1880s Russia and dripping with Eastern European ennui, our comedic reimagining of the classic tale moves at the speed of a runaway train as it examines the consequences of female rebellion and its echoes today.

Directed by Ashley Teague

Starring Quinn Franzen, Sam Khazai, Kingston, Louis Reyes McWilliams, Marina Morrissey, Aleca Piper, Michael Sazanov, Portland Thomas, and Erikka Walsh

Show Times: Vary, see website

Tickets from $35
  • Running Time: Two hours with one intermission
  • Book: Gwen Kingston
  • Music: Gwen Kingston
  • Lyrics: Gwen Kingston