Tootsie — 1st National Tour: H/R Submissions

Tootsie — 1st National Tour: H/R Submissions

CATEGORY: Performer

Binder Casting
New York, NY

Job Details


Producer: TROIKA Entertainment 

General Manager: Brian Schrader

Book: Robert Horn 

Music & Lyrics: David Yazbek 

Casting: Binder Casting/Chad Eric Murnane, CSA

Non-AEA Salaries:


Flat.  $600 p/w 


Min.  $850 p/w – Lead

Max. $850 p/w – Principals

Flat.  $600 p/w – Featured Ens./Ens.

Audition Dates: 

Taped Submissions due by 5/3/21

Audition with Creative Team: 5/18

Callback: 5/21/21

Final Callback (Michael/Dorothy): Week of 5/24/21


Project Dates: 

1st Rehearsal: on or about September 7, 2021

Travel to Tech: on or about September 30, 2021

Press Opening: on or about October 13, 2021

End of Contract: on or about August 2022 

Auditions and callbacks will take place virtually, however, the Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels final callback will require an in-person wardrobe, makeup, and wig fitting which will follow strict safety protocols including day of COVID-19 testing. 


+0.2% of Producers share of overages following the first week post recoupment.


Producers will provide Actors with travel & double occupancy housing in addition to full health insurance coverage. Plus, weekly per-diem of $280 upon the first night spent in Producer provided housing. 


The Producers have elected to rehearse the production in upstate New York. Transportation and housing will be provided during rehearsals. 

All touring employees will be required to adhere to strict COVID-19 protocols and guidelines when traveling with the tour. The Producer’s protocols will be in addition to any local city, or state guidelines that are in place. 

About Binder Casting
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About TROIKA Entertainment

TROIKA Entertainment is a theatrical production company producing touring musical theatre productions throughout North America and internationally.  We are based in Rockville, MD.



TROIKA Entertainment LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We will extend equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation and gender identity), national origin, disability, age, genetic information, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws. Our policy reflects and affirms our Company’s commitment to the principles of fair employment and the elimination of all discriminatory practices.


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