SoHo Shakespeare Company: Actor Training Programs

SoHo Shakespeare Company: Actor Training Programs

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SoHo Shakespeare Company
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Want to stand out from the audition crowd? Learn proven techniques for acting Shakespeare with Harvard MFA teaching artists. Train in SoHo Shakespeare Company's Action-Based Imaging Technique. Our courses currently take place online worldwide.  We have students in England, Israel, Australia, Russia, and all across the United States. 
  Artist-Friendly Tuition. 
  Class size is limited to 5 students.
  - Shakespeare 201: Intro to Imaging | $250   
  - Shakespeare 202: Emotional Investment | $210   
  - Shakespeare 203: Action-Based Imaging | $210   
  - Shakespeare 301: Advanced ABIT | $250 | Audition Only 
  - Shakespeare 101: Intro to ABIT | FREE   
  - Shakespeare Monologue Gyms | FREE   
  All courses are ongoing intensives   
  - Shakespeare 201: Intro to Imaging | Wednesdays 4-6pm ET 
  - Shakespeare 202: Emotional Investment | Wednesdays 1-3pm ET 
  - Shakespeare 203: Action-Based Imaging | Fridays 1-3pm ET 
  - Shakespeare 301: Advanced Action-Based Imaging | Saturdays 1:30-4:30pm ET 
  - FREE Shakespeare 101: Once a month, varying times 
  - FREE Shakespeare Monologue Gyms | Every Monday   
  New sessions begin every month, so prithee be quick. Click here to enroll today:   
  Email for information on additional dates and times.