Singers, Vocalists, Female, Male & Kidz

Singers, Vocalists, Female, Male & Kidz

CATEGORY: Performer

New York, NY


Gregor Rice

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Demos requiring vocal tracks are in pre-mix stage in wait and will be finished with a change of better instrumentation where needed after the vocal track is in, then final mix and master.  StarKamp! Broadway or Any Way! for The Great Awakening enjoys a strong female lead so most demos should proabably be la femme.  However, depending on the response, males will be considered.  If you'd like a nice demo of one that's already finished, we can discuss redoing that with your vocal as well.  Using LogicProX studio setup.  Would be nice to have your video singing it.  Options abound.  Possibly read the captions for scene info on the web page herein to get the 'feel' of the song.  Let's negotiate.  Would be nice to offer a trade for a professional-quality demo for your artist's web site, but otherwise payment options can be discussed.  You should be able to download the songs from this page.  If not, email me for the mp3.  See the list of engaging hits still requiring vocal tracks here:

Note: My server/host is 'updating' as of right now, and I found some songs were difficult to get to play this morning, but refresh your page and try again.  Otherwise email me for the mp3.  My most recent demo, Lift Me Up, is one I'm most excited about right now, as usual... but there are several from which to choose.  I should be able to change key in a few of these if necessary.  In development, so there are more songs than we'll use, and not sure which will make the final production yet, as usual.  Here's the list of powerful, quintessential Broadway, award-worthy works.  Just scroll past the yada at top, down the page to find this stellar lineup: 

Good Morning, Angel ~ Unable to re-orchestrate this right now, but will homogenize a magical blend of your vocal nicely with this existing mp3
Lift Me Up ~ Dramatic scene.  Will likely change out shrill strings for a softer patch, etc., and cut back the finale... for now, it gives a smile...
In Being Who I Am ~ Another dramatic scene ~ It's more than just a lifetime... as is this production in development 
Surrender Your Heart ~ A soft, sweet instruction to the Kidz re: 'how to' as you'll see in the description
Home ~ A heartfelt lament... ain't that the truth 
Foster The Light ~ Kidz!  See: Foster The Light for details 
Humankind ~ This one went straight to iMovie with free pixabay pics ~ the mask will not be presented in the production ~ just sayin' ~ e me for mp3
One In A Million ~ May not be able to redo this demo either, so another magical blend of original mp3 and your vocal finds stellar reviews  
You've Got to Have a Dream ~ finale/finis

And if anyone is in need of a highly awarded, highly heralded Christmas song yet this year, find it here: 

Payment negotiable.  Hopefully a trade will be sufficient for the professional demo to use on your artist's page, since funding for et al is still in the catch 22 stage, aren't we all.  But let's talk and find a comfortable and fair exchange.  Actually, this collaborators' website-under-construction is in need of funding for a web developer to get it into professional shape.  But if you're looking for a stellar, out-in-front-of-the-leading-edge production, by all means, overlook the elementary html and jump in any time!  Front page news:  
Thanks, Gregor


November 8, 2020 - November 8, 2020





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