Seekings Actors for Tier5's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Summer Staged Readings | Playbill

Seekings Actors for Tier5's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Summer Staged Readings

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Tier5 Theatre Company


James Cougar Canfield

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Critically acclaimed and award winning theatre company, Tier5, is excited to present our second full production of the year, William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, as well as staged readings of two exciting new works: Styx and Stones by Seth Barnes, and John Deserves to Die, by Rachel Greene.

Styx and Stones will be presented for one-night only, work-in-progress staged reading on Monday, May 6th, 2024, at 7pm at The Tank NYC. The reading will be directed by Le'Asha Julius.

John Deserves to Die will be presented as a one-night only, work-in-progress staged reading on Monday, July 1st, 2024 at 7pm at The Tank NYC. The reading will be directed by Maya Jeyam.

A Midsummer Night's Dream will be presented as a limited three week, full production, running August 8th- 25th at El Barrio's ArtSpace PS109. The production will be directed by Tier5 Executive Producer, James Cougar Canfield.

Both readings and the full production will be produced under the Equity Showcase Code, pending approval.

For more information about the company please visit:

IG: @tier5theatrecompany

Performers of all races, ethnicities, abilities, ages, and gender identities are encouraged to submit. Tier5 strives to create inclusive, safe, and anti-racist environments in every aspect of our operation, on stage and off, for our performers, creatives, and audiences.


Styx and Stones
Written by Seth Barnes | Directed by Le'Asha Julius

Just beyond the veil, just off this mortal coil, Charon the River Guide ferries dead souls across the River Styx. He collects payment for his services (cash only) and wends his way back across the water. After eons of toiling away at his post, however, Charon craves a change. He applies for the Hades Employee Development and Enrichment Program and thus begins his odyssey through miles of red tape, mountains of corporate minutiae, and endless hours of pencil pushing. As Charon embarks on his desperate quest for meaning, Hades, CEO of All Things Under The Earth, must work tirelessly to appease his ever-overseeing Board Above.

John Deserves to Die
Written by Rachel Greene | Directed by Maya Jeyam

All is calm until Theater Department favorite Professor Daniel Holmes casts unassuming freshman Laura Vogel as Carol in his Spring production of David Mamet’s Oleanna. No one is less pleased than ambitious sophomore Jen Barnett, who threatens to expose a secret that could turn lives and careers upside down. When student reporter Andy Stark starts following leads for an explosive exposé, it is only a matter of time before dangerous truths come out. Art begins to imitate life as secrets unravel, masks come off, and classic texts are challenged. In this decidedly murderous exploration into the devilish intricacies of sex, power, consent, and gender politics in academia, three students take control in asking: If Carol was telling the story, wouldn’t John deserve to die?

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Written by William Shakespeare | Directed by James Cougar Canfield

Athens Pride is going to be the hottest, gaggiest, best Pride in the history of Pride, especially with Theseus and Hippolyta, literal queer icons, closing the festival with their nuptials- the wedding of the century! Anyone who is anyone is going to be there. But, when the lovers' feud of King and Queen of the Fairies, Oberon and Titania, spills over, things are going to get real messy. Using the original text of Shakespeare's most legendary comedy, this story is getting a queer, fabulous twist that only Tier5 could do!

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations:


Performance: Monday, May 6th, 2024 at 7pm (one performance) at The Tank NYC

Rehearsals: Friday, May 3rd, 6-9pm, Saturday, May 4th, 9am- 5pm Sunday, May 5th, 9am- 5pm

Tech: Monday, May 6th- 9am- 2pm

Stipend: $75


Performance: Monday, July 1st, 2024 at 7pm (one performance) at The Tank NYC

Rehearsals: Friday, June 28th, 6-9pm, Saturday, June 29th 9am- 5pm, Sunday, June 30th, 9am- 5pm
Tech: Monday, July 1st, 9am- 2pm.

Stipend: $75


Performance: August 8th- 25th, 2024 (14 performances) at El Barrio's ArtSpace PS109
Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays at 7pm
Sundays at 2pm
Additional performances on Sunday, August 18th at 7pm and Thursday, August 22nd at 2pm

Weeknights and weekends beginning July 9th. Actors will have 1-2 guaranteed days off a week.
August 5- 7th, 10am- 4pm

Stipend: $400



All actors must be 18 or older.

All company members must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Tier5 is unable to provide housing for out-of-town actors at this time.

Deadline to submit for casting consideration is end of the day, Wednesday, April 17th, 2024.

Any questions? Email [email protected]

Next Steps:

Fill out this Google Form completely and no later than End of the Day, Wednesday, April 17th, 2024.


Actors may include a link to a performance reel

Or prepare and link a short contemporary or classical monologue

DO NOT INCLUDE MUSICAL THEATRE REELS. None of the productions are musicals, and we find these reels aren’t very helpful with casting for the shows.

Casting Breakdown

We are seeking actors of all races, ethnicities, ages, gender identities, sexualities, (dis)abilities, shapes/sizes for all roles, unless specifically noted in the casting breakdown.


CHARON: The River Guide. 20s-30s. Any gender/race/ethnicity.
HADES: CEO of All Things Under The Earth. Male/male-presenting. 20s-50s.
THANATOS: Death Incarnate. Male/male-presenting. 20s-30s.
ALECTO: A Torturess of Tartarus. Female/female-presenting. 20s-30s.
AEACUS: A Judge of the Dead. Male/male-presenting. 30s-60s.
ACHLYS: Misery Personified. Female/female-presenting. 20s+.
BOARD 1: Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Female/female-presenting. 20s+.
BOARD 2: Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest. Female/female-presenting. 20s+.
BOARD 3: Zeus, God of the Sky. Male/male-presenting. 20s+.
TABITHA: A Dead Soul. Female/female-presenting. 20s.
DEVIN: A Dead Soul. Male/male-presenting. 20s-40s.
ANNIKA: A Dead Soul. Female/female-presenting. 20s-50s.
CHARLOTTE: A Dead Soul. Female/female-presenting. 30s-40s.
FRANCIS: A Dead Soul. Male/male-presenting. 30s-60s.

STAGE DIRECTIONS: Seeking a performer who can match the rhythm of the show, and provide layered and exciting readings that guide the show.


JEN BARNETT: Woman, 19. Fat/Plus-size. Any race. Anxious and accommodating, while clever and quietly ambitious. Has a fire stirring just below the surface.

ANDY STARK: Woman, 20. Mid-size/Fat/Plus size. BIPOC. Proudly queer. Brilliant, stubborn, and confident. Takes no shit.

LAURA VOGEL: Woman, 18. Thin. Any race. Queer but doesn’t quite know it yet. Obedient, innocent, and passionate. Easily underestimated.

PROFESSOR DANIEL HOLMES: Man, Mid-30s – mid-50s. Any body type. White. Tenured college professor. Academic, disarming, and devilishly charming.

LEAH HARRIS: Woman, 23. Fat/Plus-size. Any race. Smart, brave, and thoughtful. An inferno of a woman forced to hide her light. Just trying to move forward.

STEVEN SANDERS: Man, 28. Any body type. Any race. Graduate student and favorite of Professor Holmes. Chill and easygoing. Eager to be taught.

STAGE DIRECTIONS: Seeking a performer who can match the rhythm of the show, and provide layered and exciting readings that guide the show.


THESEUS: Ruler of Athens. Theseus's nuptials to Hippolyta are the centerpiece of Athens Pride. A politician. Will also double as PEASEBLOSSOM, a fairy in Titania's court.

HIPPOLYTA: Ruler of the Amazons. Marrying Theseus in a matter of days. Sexy and seductive. Will also double as COBWEB, a fairy of Titania's court.

EGEUS: Hermia's parent. Just kind of stuck in the old ways. Isn't obsessed with Hermia being with Lysandra, but maybe can come around? Will also double as MOTH, a fairy in Titania's court.

HERMIA: (female/female-presenting) In Love with Lysandra. Rebels against her parent, magical chaos ensues. Short.

LYSANDRA: (female/female-presenting) Wants to run away from Hermia. A bit of a rebel without a cause.

DEMETRIUS: (male/male-presenting) Total DL closet case. Hooked up with Helenus, but now trying to play it off like he wants Hermia. Typical.

HELENUS: (male/male-presenting) Hooked up with Demetrius and now is a little obsessed, but also- D is playing games!! THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST, but we are seeking an ALTERNATE/UNDERSTUDY who will have guaranteed performances

PHILOSTRATE: Works for Theseus. Likes to announce things. Will also double as MUSTARDSEED, a fairy in Titania's court

PETER QUINCE: Leader of the community theatre troupe, director/producer/company manager... they do it all. Maybe a little in love with Nick Bottom?

NICK BOTTOM: The STAR of the community theatre troupe. Gets the leads all the time. Self awareness is nonexistent. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST, but we are seeking UNDERSTUDIES for the role

FRANCIS FLUTE: A member of the community theatre troupe. Over eager. Confused, but possibly the most genuinely talented of them all??

TOM SNOUT: A member of the community theatre troupe. Somehow got roped into this, but hey! It's something to do.

SNUG: A member of the community theatre troupe. Soft spoken, unsure, but there's gotta be a lion's spirit somewhere in there??

ROBIN STARVELING: A member of the community theatre troupe. Really trying the absolute best, but it is what it is.

OBERON: King of the fairies. Extremely jealous of Titania's affairs with Theseus, sets out to pull the ultimate trick.

TITANIA: Queen of the fairies. It's giving glamour. It's giving fabulous. It's giving big ego. The perfect match for Oberon.

PUCK: Oberon's righthand companion. Mischievious, but also maybe a little lazy. More there for a good time. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST, but we are seeking UNDERSTUDIES for the role.

We are seeking understudies/swings for this production. Understudies/swings are not guaranteed performances unless mentioned specifically for a role in the above character breakdown.

Deadline for Submission: End of the day, Wednesday, April 17th, 2024


Founded in 2015 in London, then relocated to NYC, Tier5 takes classic tales and historical events and retells them on stage in a new light, focusing on bringing those excluded from the narrative right to centerstage.

Our previous award winning and critically acclaimed original shows include Ladies in Waiting: The Judgement of Henry VIII (Hollywood Fringe International Award Winner 2017, regional theatre premiere at Southwest Shakespeare), meg jo beth amy & louisa (regional theatre premiere at Southwest Shakespeare Company), and The Christmas Carol: A Queer Fantasia (Metrosource Top Pick, premiered at the Access Theatre in NYC).

Founded in 2015 in London, then relocated to NYC, Tier5 takes classic tales and historical events and retells them on stage in a new light, focusing on bringing those excluded from the narrative right to centerstage. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tier5 began creating virtual content, including launching the Tier5 Sings! virtual concert series and our recent virtual new play festival, Fairytales From Home.

In 2021, Tier5 premiered our very first animated venture, Tier5's Romeo & Juliet: The Tragic Tale of Two Animal Cross-ed Lovers. Released in five parts over five weeks, the animated series combines the voice acting of our Tier5 talent with the adorable characters of the Nintendo video game phenomenon, Animal Crossing. It was featured in Digital World, an evening celebrating exceptional work in the digital arts. All episodes are currently available to stream on our YouTube channel.

In December 2022, after nearly a three-year hiatus from live performance, Tier5 returned to in-person productions with a staged reading of James Cougar Canfield’s latest play, Legend of the Chalk Circle, a wild and wacky retelling of Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle, at The Tank NYC. The reading was a sold-out success, and the show transferred to a full production in March 2023 at the American Theatre of Actors in NYC.

Tier5 has continued to partner with The Tank NYC to produce work-in-progress staged readings, including The Secret Garden by James Cougar Canfield (August 2023), Julius: Harlem’s Caesar by M. Hatten (October 2023), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by James Cougar Canfield (January 2024), and United in Love, Until Death by Amanda Thomas (January 2024).

Most recently, Tier5 kicked off its 2024 Season of ShakesQueer at El Barrio’s ArtSpace PS109, with our full production transfer of M. Hatten’s Julius: Harlem’s Caesar in March. The production was met with sold out performances and acclaim.

Tier5’s focus on revisiting classic tales and historical narratives in a modern context with contemporary voices, humor, and pathos has become a staple of the company. Tier5 believes in and will continue to strive towards creating a safe, inclusive, and anti-racist environment for our creatives, actors, and audiences.

Social Media: @tier5theatrecompany



May 3, 2024 - Aug 25, 2024


$75.00 – $400.00 per gig


AEA or non-union actors




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