Profile Theatre 2022-2023 Season - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline: 07.01.22) | Playbill

Profile Theatre 2022-2023 Season - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline: 07.01.22)

CATEGORY: Performer

Profile Theatre Project
Portland, OR

Job Details



$510 weekly minimum (SPT 5)

Playwrights: Chad Deity: Kristoffer Diaz; King of the Yees: Lauren Yee; Welcome to Arroyo’s: Kristoffer Diaz; How to Make an American Son: Christopher Oscar Peña
Artistic Director: Josh Hecht
Line Producer: Jamie Rea
Company Manager : Lauren McGuffee

Viewing auditions:
Casting Associate: Chidube Egbo
The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity Director: Josh Hecht
King of the Yees Director: Lava Alapai
Welcome to Arroyo’s: TBD
How to Make an American Son: TBD

See production dates in breakdown.


Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors for roles in Profile Theatre’s 2022-2023 Season (see breakdown).


In the wild world of professional wrestling, bruh, there are rules to follow and sacrifices to make! But how far will you go, and what will you give up to live your dream? Mace – a good wrestler, but not the champion- struggles with how racial identities are manipulated, distorted, and stereotyped for the sake of entertainment in an industry he loves. In this side-splitting look at a “great American pastime,” glory (and hilarity) can be found in the ring, kiddo, but here there are winners and losers in more ways than you can imagine.

Rehearsal Dates: September 6th through October 7th
First Preview: October 4th
Opening Night: October 8th
Performance Run: Wednesday through Sunday, W-S 7:30pm, Sun at 2pm
Closing Night: October 23rd

Macedonio “THE MACE'' Guerra
- 20s/30s Latino - a professional wrestler from the Bronx. He has loved wrestling since he was a child even though he doesn’t love the realities of the industry. He is opinionated, smart, snarky, team player, and likable. Though he is often in the shadows, he is good enough to be center stage but never gets the acclaim. Instead he is utilized to make the other look better. Undersized, our hero.

Everett “EKO” K. Olson - 40s/50s White - owner of THE Wrestling and Macedonio’s boss. He sees wrestling as a business not a passion, and is willing to take any opportunity, no matter how offensive to make a buck. He is a Hollywood agent type. Brash, smarmy, confident, ostensibly our villain.

Chad Deity - late 20s/30s Black - Champion of THE Wrestling. All American, charismatic, confident bordering on arrogance, handsome, not a very good wrestler. However, he is smarter than most would think and has a clear understanding of the larger game which he is a player in. He is seen as the hero.

Vigneshwar “VP” Paduar - 20s/30s Indian-American. From Brooklyn, he is charismatic, smooth, and appears effortless in all he does. He is a master at code-switch and dropping slang. Usually can be found on the basketball court or trying to pick up a lady. He would love to be a lady’s man. Very smart and has a great way with words.

The Bad Guy - 20s/30s any race - Physically and vocally distinct characters. Multiple non-speaking roles including Billy Heartland and Old Glory.

KING OF THE YEES, by Lauren Yee
As a major player in the Yee Family Association (a men’s club formed during the Gold Rush) for nearly two decades, Larry Yee is a charming leader in San Francisco’s Chinese community. His daughter Lauren (the playwright), is eager to move away from the trappings of her childhood neighborhood, and on to new opportunities in her life. But when scandal erupts and her father goes missing, Lauren must navigate the myths and
magic of Chinatown, uncover the past, and embrace her heritage in order to find her father. This funny, surreal, touching tale explores the importance of culture, race, nationality, and the joys and pains of truly getting to know family.

Rehearsal Dates: October 3rd through November 4th
First Preview: November 3rd
Opening Night: November 5th
Performance Run: Wednesday through Sunday, W-S 7:30pm, Sun at 2pm
Closing Night: November 20th

- 60, Asian, male - Turning 60 today! Sweet, charming, goofy, and caring, but can be bold and outspoken. Larry is proudly Chinese. He takes pride in the Yee name and in building community with other Chinese people. He cares for the people around him no matter how recently they met. He would take the shirt off his back for someone in need. Unfortunately, he and his daughter are not always on the same page. They struggle with tradition and culture among other things. However, he loves her very much.

Lauren - 30s, Asian American, female - Playwright and Larry’s daughter. She lives in New York City and is just visiting San Francisco for her father’s birthday. Despite her love for her father, she is not as tied to tradition and culture as he is. She is distanced physically, emotionally, and culturally from her family. She struggles to take the time to witness the small things, does not like failure, and would rather not try than to fail. She likes plans and a sense of order. She is intelligent, more serious than her father, and willing to go against the grain. However there are still things which she struggles to be upfront about in the face of her father such as changing her last name, moving, and the contents of her play. However, she is trying her best.

Track 1 - 30s-50s, Asian American, male - An actor. Plays Larry in Lauren’s play. He is more seasoned than Track 2. LA based actor. Has a good sense of humor but has a cynical view of the industry. However, he does not let that affect his energy in the room and generally he is able to not take things too deep. Comedic. Also Someone, the Erhu player, Parke skelton, Shrimp boy, a Lum Elder, Sichuan Face Changer.

Track 2 - 20s-40s, Asian American, female - Actor. She plays Lauren in Lauren’s play, but she is actually Korean not Chinese. Also she is adopted. She is funny. She wants to do well and is not afraid to take things seriously, but is able to have fun too. She has strong ideas of the life she wants. Comedic. Also Jenny Pang, the first lion dance, Betty Yee, the FBI agent, a lum elder, the whiskey seller.

Track 3 - 20s/30s, Asian American, male - Danny Ma, Leland Yee, the chiropractor, a lum elder, the second lion dance, the model ancestor.

After the sudden loss of their mother, Alejandro and his troubled sister Molly must find a way to get by. The bodega their mother ran is closed, the bar (ahem, “lounge”) that Alejandro opened in its place isn’t the success it needs to be, and Molly can’t seem to keep her graffiti off the city’s walls. But, after a friend from the past returns with a strange theory — an urban legend about the origins of hip-hop — things will never be the same. A tale of love, family, hip-hop, street art, and loss unfolds at Arroyo’s Lounge.

Rehearsal Dates: January 16th through February 10th
First Preview: February 9th
Opening Night: February 11th
Performance Run: Wednesday through Sunday, W-S 7:30pm, Sun at 2pm
Closing Night: February 26th. Possible extension to March 5th

Alejandro Arroyo
- Male/24/Puerto Rican. Owner of and bartender at Arroyo’s Lounge.

Amalia (Molly) Arroyo - Female/18/Puerto Rican. Angry graffiti artist.

Trip Goldstein - Male/24/Jewish. DJ/rapper at Arroyo’s.

Nelson Cardenal - Male/24/Filipino. Trip’s DJ/rap partner.

Officer Derek - Male/22/African American. Rookie New York City police officer. New to New York.

Lelly Santiago - Female/24/Puerto Rican. Suburban college student.

Father and son, Mando and Orlando, are living different versions of the American Dream. Honduran-born Mando built a successful janitorial business, and can pay for his son’s fancy private school. Orlando enjoys the fruits of his father’s labor, but is embarrassed by his old-fashioned ideas, his accent, and line of work. When the business faces turmoil just as Orlando is going through a crisis of his own, the two must face tough truths about their citizenship, business, love, and the importance of family, in order to keep their dreams alive in a society that won’t let them truly belong.

Rehearsal Dates: May 8th through June 9th
First Preview: June 8th
Opening Night: June 10th
Performance Run: Wed through Sunday, W-S 7:30pm, Sun at 2pm
Closing Night: June 25th

Mando -
Honduran immigrant in his late forties/early fifties, “the father.”

Orlando - American born Honduran - reeks of privilege, “the son.”

Mercedes - American born Mexican woman in her thirties, “the help.”

Rafael - A new arrived Mexican immigrant, “the refugee.”

Sean - American born white boy who thinks he's hot shit, “the dream.”

Dick - Straight white guy in his early forties, “the enemy.”

Please prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues no longer than 3 minutes and upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo. Please email your headshot/resume along with a link to your audition video using the subject title: 2022-23 EPA submission.

Deadline: 07/01/2022

[email protected]


SPT $510 weekly minimum (SPT 5)




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