Love in Reserve - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 03.11.21)

Love in Reserve - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 03.11.21)

CATEGORY: Performer

Rubber City Shakespeare Company
Akron, OH

Job Details



$271 weekly minimum (SPT 1)

Auditions will be viewed by:
Dane CT Leasure (He/Him/His) - Executive Artistic Director/Director
Eric Mansfiled (He/Him/His) - Playwright
Sarah Bailey (She/Her/Hers) - Director of Artistic Coordination

Callbacks: Saturday 3/13/21 12 pm-7 pm ET (break 3-4 pm); if needed, additional callbacks on Monday 3/15/21
First Rehearsal: 4/06/21[Virtual]
First In-Person Rehearsal: 04/10/21
Tech: 4/24/21
Run: 4/30 - 5/15/21 [Possible Extension through 05/22/21]

Show pending Equity health and safety approval.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors for roles in LOVE IN RESERVE (see breakdown). One Equity contract available. Local actors particularly encouraged to submit.


*** In reference to the character descriptions - most characters we encounter currently are on the binary and are written with the he/him or she/her pronouns and you will see that are in the following descriptions. But, however limiting the descriptions are, our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender, non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with. We will also list race/ethnicity when specific to the character but are otherwise seeking all races and ethnicities. As an ADA compliant theatre, we welcome performers of all abilities and will make all reasonable accommodations in order to cast performers, regardless of disability, in any role possible. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any accommodations we can provide. (Language developed by Kevin Kantor and Emily Tarquin from the Actors Theatre of Louisville).

Ray Strong: A man in his mid 20's who joined the Army immediately after high school. He chose the military in part because he didn't see many other options to making a mark in his life. While he never set out to make the Army a career, the military seems to be his calling now that he has overachieved to become an officer. He is hopeful that Kate, his high school sweetheart who recently became his wife, will embrace the role of Army wife, and while he doesn't intentionally make Kate's life more complicated, he takes for granted that she "knew what she was getting in to" when she married a soldier.

Kate Strong: A woman in her mid 20's who adores Ray, and while others in high school thought he was a middle-of-the-road, vanilla local boy, she saw his potential and has often worshipped the ground he walked on. She has made his success and happiness her priority, which has sown seeds of frustration and resentment as Kate has delayed following her own path. Alone in a military officer's apartment, Kate never thought she would feel stranded in an unfamiliar state with her own life on hold while waiting for Ray yet again, this time to return from war. She is a stubborn worrier who
uses sarcasm and humor in confronting her fears and frustration. In her heart, Kate is convinced that if she and Ray can just survive the war, her own time to shine will come, and together, their future will be amazing. In the meantime, she has never felt more alone and is constantly fearing that she will become a widow.

Please prepare two contrasting 30 second monologues that best show your range. Please email video in an unlisted YouTube [or similar platform] link along with headshot and resume to

Deadline: 03/11/2021