Graphic/Scenic Designer

Graphic/Scenic Designer


Gary Musick Production
Nashville, TN 37210

Job Details


      Create & design various materials for branding, digital collateral, and large format printing.

      Strong understanding and experience with stage design, event design, and printing.

      Translate client needs and branding strategies into design strategies.

      Selecting colors, fonts, photographs, layouts, thematic artwork, backdrops, and other design elements to communicate creative concepts.

      Collaborating with art directors, branding experts, front end developers, marketing, content, scenic fabricators, logistics, producers, and other professionals to create and produce designs, artwork, and branding for a variety of live events. [corporate, theatre, festivals, activations, etc].

      Articulating and pitching design concepts to clients, art directors, producers, the fabrication shop, and the logistics team.

      Multitasking & managing multiple projects.

      Act as quality control signing off on all printing and branding.

      Submits timely purchase requests to TD; and timely pickup requests to Operations Manager.

      Knowledge of the proper use and application for several types of print materials; plastics, vinyl, metal, foam core, backdrops, banners, etc.

      Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop & Illustrator). Preferably proficient in SketchUp.

      Proficient in reading blueprints, build drawings, and creating print templates.

      Able to work from sketches, email description, and verbal instructions.

      Strong understanding of the use and implementation of graphics and video involving projection and playback for live events; front & rear projection, LED Screens, Stage Monitors, etc.

      Strong understanding of effective lighting and effects for live events.

      Promote and encourage new methods to ensure a creative and efficient working environment.

      Monitor print schedules for all scenic new builds, purges, and repairs. Utilizes the company project management program (“Teamwork” or other app selected by the company) for work assignments, scopes, and deadlines involving print and branding.

      Work with company management to project future needs for graphic and artwork software, rendering programs, printing vendors, etc.

      Promotes a safe and productive work environment.

      Works closely with the TD, Master Scenic Artist, and Operations Manager in creating efficient workflows between departments for all fabrication and refurbish projects.

      Works closely with producers in creating proposals during the bidding process.

      Works closely with Live Stream teams in creating digital content and graphics.

      Attend all Production Meetings involving fabrication of branding and large format printing.





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