Goodspeed Musicals 2023 Season - East Haddam, CT EPA (12.03.22) | Playbill

Goodspeed Musicals 2023 Season - East Haddam, CT EPA (12.03.22)

CATEGORY: Performer

Goodspeed Opera House
East Haddam, CT

Job Details



LORT Non-Rep
$1008 weekly minimum (LORT B)

Saturday, December 3, 2022
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (E)
Break: 1:00-1:30pm

Natalie Rehearsal Studio
21 Norwich Rd
East Haddam, CT 06423


Viewing auditions:
Stephen Agosto, Line Producer
Michael Fling, Producing Associate

1st rehearsal - 3/28
First Performacne - 4/28
Opening - 5/10
Closing - 6/25

Summer Stock
1st rehearsal - 6/6
First Performance - 7/7
Opening - 7/26
Closing - 8/27

The 12
1st rehearsal - 8/8
First Performance - 9/8
Opening - 9/27
Closing - 10/29

1st rehearsal - 10/10
First Performance - 11/10
Opening - 11/29
Closing - 12/31


An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity actors for principal roles in Goodspeed Musicals 2023 Season (see breakdown).

Local actors are encouraged to attend.

Please prepare a brief cut of an up-tempo and a ballad. Please bring sheet music in your key, no leed sheets. Bring one headshot and resume.


All roles will be understudied.

Book: Arthur Laurents
Music: Jule Styne
Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
Director: Jenn Thompson
Choreographer: Patricia Wilcox
Musical Director: Adam Souza
Venue: The Goodspeed, East Haddam, CT
Contract: LORT B

First Rehearsal: March 28, 2023
First Performance: April 28, 2023
Closing: June 25, 2023


[ROSE] Female-identifying, 40’s- 50’s. The ultimate stage mother and fierce advocate for her children. Unapologetically ambitious, Rose is bold, brash and stubbornly single-minded, but also capable of great warmth and charm. Afraid to face her own demons of abandonment, Rose lives her life vicariously through her two daughters, while struggling to remain relevant in their lives. She sings as she lives; full-out, no holds barred. Powerful and dynamic of great depth, range and ability. A strong singer who moves well. Strong Mezzo/Alto with good low notes and belt.

[LOUISE/GYPSY ROSE LEE] Female identifying, late teens to mid 20s. Rose’s elder daughter; the former Baby Louise starts as an awkward and under-confident teenager, who then reinvents herself to become the sophisticated, world-renowned striptease artist Gypsy Rose Lee. First ignored and then bulldozed by her domineering stage mother, Louise struggles to reconcile her need for acceptance with her desire for independence. Strong and dynamic with great comic and emotional range. Sings and moves well. Comfortable with striptease (no nudity). Mezzo.

[HERBIE] Male identifying, 40s to 50s. Reluctant agent for the act and Rose's patient and ardent lover. Longs for a family and to marry the commitment phobic Rose. Soft-hearted but not weak, he is deeply in love with Rose and therefore tolerates, and often overlooks, her questionable behavior. Skilled and dynamic with great warmth and humor. Sings and moves well. Baritone.

[DAINTY JUNE] Female identifying, 15-18. Rose’s younger daughter and the “star” of the act. Talented and ambitious but stifled in her mother’s vise-like grip, June longs for independence and to be a “great actress.” Very strong actor / singer with major, top-tier dance ability. Tap, pointe, splits a plus. Mezzo/Belt.

[TULSA] Male identifying, late teens - early 20s. Attractive and intelligent with ambition and talent to burn, Tulsa strives to break out of the troupe with an act of his own. Skilled and dynamic song and dance man, with excellent acting chops. High Baritone.

[TESSIE TURA] Female identifying, 40s - 50s. A burlesque stripper past her prime, who shows Louise the ropes. Strong movement/dance, ballet training helpful, Tessie still has some of the moves. A skilled singer/dancer with major comic chops. Mezzo/Belt

[MAZEPPA] Female identifying, 40s - 50s. A burlesque stripper past her prime, who is physically intimidating and wields a trumpet. Strong movement/dance, powerful character. A skilled singer/dancer with major comic chops. Mezzo/Belt

[ELECTRA] Female identifying, 40s - 50s. A burlesque stripper past her prime, ditzy and sweet and maybe a little bit drunk? Strong movement/dance, powerful character. A skilled singer/dancer with major comic chops. Mezzo/Belt

[BABY JUNE] Female identifying, 8 -10. The professionally adorable and spirited younger daughter of Rose. The baby and “star” of the family’s act, June is coddled and smothered by her overbearing mother. Young and dynamic child with major dance and singing abilities. Tap, pointe and baton-twirling a plus. Can do the splits.

[BABY LOUISE] Female identifying, 9 - 11. The older and plainer daughter of Rose. Overlooked by her mother, she plays second-fiddle to her sister June both on and off-stage. Shy but not without talent. Young and dynamic child, who sings and moves well.

Based on MGM/Warner Brothers film SUMMER STOCK written by George Wells and Sy Gromberg
Music: Harold Arlen, Harry Warren and Gene DePaul
Lyrics: Johnny Mercer, Mack Gordon, Saul Chaplin, Jack Brooks, Ted Koeler, E.Y. Harburg, Billy Rose, Leo Robin
Book: Cheri Steinkellner
Director/Choreographer: Donna Feore
Musical Director: Adam Souza
Venue: The Goodspeed, East Haddam, CT
Contract: LORT B

First Rehearsal: June 6, 2023
First Performance: July 6, 2023
Closes: August 27, 2023

Female presenting, mid to late 20's, Never-say-die New England farmer, owner of struggling Falbury Farm.

[JOE ROSS] Male presenting, early to Late 30's, Actor-writer-director, smooth, passionate, attractive.

[ORVILLE WINGAIT] Male presenting, late 20's, early 30's, Jane's fiancé, sweet but weak-willed store clerk who does as his father says.

[ABIGAIL FALBURY] Female presenting, early 20's, Jane's sister, actress, pretty, hot tempered, self- absorbed.

[ESME JOHNSON] Female presenting, 40's, Jane's maternal housekeeper, acerbic, goodhearted, indispensable.

[HERB BLAKE] Male presenting, 40's, Actor/vaudeville comic, cut-up, ladies man.

[JASPER WINGAIT] Male presenting, late 50's, Orville's father, gruff, tyrannical, the richest man in the county.

[HARRISON KEITH] Male presenting, mid to late 30's, Pompous leading man, full of himself but not very talented.

THE 12
Book & Lyrics: Robert Schenkkan
Music: Neil Berg
Director: John Doyle
Musical Director: Adam Souza
Venue: The Goodspeed, East Haddam, CT
Contract: LORT B

First Rehearsal: August 8, 2023
First Performance: September 8, 2023
Closes: October 29, 2023

(30-40) - The one Teacher designated as his successor; “my Rock.” Pete feels guilt-stricken over his betrayal in the Garden and during the trial. Not at all sure whether he is really qualified to lead. Contemporary Baritenor, Aflat2 to B4.

ANDREW (20-25) - Pete’s younger brother. Very loyal to Pete but also afraid of conflict; always trying to smooth things out. Tenor to B4.

JOHN (30-40) - A big man, physically intimidating. Terrible temper. He and his brother, James, were known as the “Sons of Thunder” for their loud voices and passionate opinions. John is a bully and a petty tyrant. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, he is his brother James’s strongest supporter, but by the end of his life, John would come to the conclusion that the Teacher’s entire message could be put into one word: “Love” and would become fond of preaching the phrase, “Little children, love one another.” Baritone or Baritenor.

JAMES (the Great) (20-30) - The younger brother of John but the leader of the two. Politically, James is the shrewdest member of the disciples but is eaten up with jealousy over Pete’s selection as successor – a role James thinks should be his. Baritone to F.

TOM (20-30) - The Doubter. The Nihilist. Witty, sardonic, and sarcastic. The extent of his pessimism is really a reflection of his extraordinary pain at the death of their Teacher. High Contemporary Tenor with edge, A2 to A4 or B4. Even higher belt notes to D5 are helpful.

THAD (20-30) - A gentle soul. Utterly terrified by what has happened. He is brought on to the stage injured by a blow to the head and is feverish through much of the action. He is the one who has a “vision” of what will be the ultimate fate of his fellow disciples at the end.

SIMON (20-30) - A violent revolutionary before the Teacher found him, Simon was a former Zealot (like Judas), one of those who believed the only way to drive the Romans out of Israel was through war. The Zealots practiced assassination and intimidation and were know for the sicarii, the short knives they carried. Simon wrestles with his history of violence, which is never far from the surface. Baritone with Strong gritty style, B2 to G4or A4

PHIL (20-30) - Former Galilean Fisherman. Unsophisticated. Grew up with Bart in the same small village. Potentially comedic (think Bert and Ernie/Mutt and Jeff etc.).Their response to the terror and uncertainty of the present is to retreat to the simple pleasures of their past. Baritenor.

BART (20-30) - Former Fisherman. Unsophisticated. Grew up with Phil in the same small village. Potentially comedic. (think Bert and Ernie/Mutt and Jeff etc. Their response to the terror and uncertainty of the present is to retreat to the simple pleasures of their past. Contemporary tenor, B2 to A4 with ability to sing sweetly and smoothly between C4 and G4.

MATT (20-30) - Urban. Nervous. A former Tax Collector – Tax collectors were universally despised (they were paid by a commission on how much they collected and were notoriously grasping as a result). They were also considered quislings or stooges of the Roman machine of oppression. Matt makes a point of abusing the only person less popular then he – Mary Magdalene. Bass/Baritone

JIMMY (James the Lesser) (20-25) - Gentle. Young for his age. Infatuated with Mary. When their movement seems to have died with its founder, all he wants is to escape into a “normal” life with Mary. Tenor.

MARY MAGDALENE (20-30) - A former prostitute, picked by the Teacher to be among his circle. Perhaps she alone truly understands what He was about. Judaism was not kind to women in this period and as a prostitute, even a redeemed prostitute, Mary would be considered physically and spiritually “unclean” by society, and a convenient scapegoat for whatever goes wrong. Very tough on the outside but painfully vulnerable. Exceedingly passionate gritty singer, G3 to D5 belt, with the added ability sing smoothly and simply

MOTHER MARY (40-50) - Teacher’s mother. Even nearly broken by her grief, she is still a formidable presence. A formidable musician in her own right. Full soulful voice, powerful notes, G3 to D5

Book & Lyrics: Tom Eyen
Music: Henry Kreiger
Director: Lili-Anne Brown
Choreographer: Breon Arzell
Musical Director: Adam Souza
Venue: The Goodspeed, East Haddam, CT
Contract: LORT B

First Rehearsal: October 10, 2023
First Performance: September 10, 2023
Closes: December 31, 2023

: (She/Her/Hers) 18-late 20s. Black / African American identifying. Lead Singer of The Dreamettes. A powerhouse and a soaring singer with undeniable talent. The true underdog. A headstrong, vibrant, confident, and outspoken young woman – a diva. Has a big, gospel belt.

DEENA JONES: (She/Her/Hers) 18-late 20s. Black / African American identifying. Initially modest backup singer for The Dreamettes, turned lead singer of The Dreams. An ingenue who possess the poise of a leading lady, and a quiet confidence beyond her years. Mezzo, with a full belt.

LORELL ROBINSON: (She/Her/Hers) 18-late 20s. Black / African American identifying. The softest and youngest of the three Dreams. And though she is bubbly, energetic, youthful, she is also pragmatic and eager for success. Soprano, on top of most triad harmony, with a full belt.

CURTIS TAYLOR, JR: (He/Him/His) 25-45. Black / African American identifying. Slick and forceful used car salesman who becomes the Dreams’ and Jimmy’s manager. Dates Effie, but eventually Deena. Tenor.

JAMES “THUNDER” EARLY: (He/Him/His) 25-40. Black / African American identifying. James Brown-like star who takes on Dreamettes as backup singers. He is high energy, verging on chaotic with an endless amount of charm and charisma. Rock / R&B tenor.

C.C. WHITE: (He/Him/His) 18-late 20s. Black / African American identifying. Effie’s songwriter brother. Very endearing, loyal, idealistic, and earnest. High baritone.

MARTY: (He/Him/His) Late 40s-50s. Black / African American identifying. Veteran music agent, who quits as Jimmy’s manager and later becomes Effie’s manager, rebuilding her confidence and career. Baritone.

MICHELLE MORRIS: (She/Her/Hers) 18-late 20s. Black / African American identifying. A dynamic singer who fulfills Curtis’ aesthetic image for the Dreams and subsequently replaces Effie in the group. Mezzo soprano.

Requirement for proof of vaccination/negative test:
Everyone entering the audition venue (i.e., venue employees, Equity members, non-members, casting personnel, creatives, producers, musicians, etc.) will be required to show proof of COVID vaccination prior to entry into the venue. (Anyone with a medical or religious exemption from vaccination, should e-mail [email protected] with "Vaccination exemption" in the subject line and attach proof of exemption in advance of their appointment. Information provided will be kept confidential.) Anyone with symptoms of COVID, flu, or any other infectious disease that can be transmitted by casual contact should not attend the auditions.

Everyone participating in the auditions is encouraged to wear a two-ply cloth face mask, surgical mask, singer’s mask or respirator (N95, KN95 or KF94). Single-ply face masks, gaiters and bandanas are not recommended. Singer’s masks can be found at

If the risk level for Middlesex County is trending upwards and may rise to High (Red) we will contact members with appointments at least 48 hours before the first audition appointment time to let them know there is a chance that the auditions may need to be postponed or cancelled. All members with appointments will be notified at least 24 hours in advance if the auditions must be postponed or cancelled.

We encourage members to prepare for their audition prior to arriving at the audition venue, to the extent that they can (e.g., get dressed, hair/make-up, etc.) to avoid crowding in bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Holding/Audition room information:
The audition room can accommodate no more than 7 individuals at a time.
The holding room can accommodate no more than 8 individuals at a time


LORT Non-Rep $1008 weekly minimum (LORT B)




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