Florida Studio Theatre 2023-24 Winter Season and Stage 3 Series - NYC EPA (10.02.23) | Playbill

Florida Studio Theatre 2023-24 Winter Season and Stage 3 Series - NYC EPA (10.02.23)

CATEGORY: Performer

Florida Studio Theatre
Sarasota, FL

Job Details



LORT Non-Rep
$776 weekly minimum (LORT D) - Mainstage
$621 weekly minimum (Experimental) - Stage 3 Series

Monday, October 2, 2023
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM (E)
Lunch 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Actors' Equity New York Audition Center
165 W 46th St
16th Fl
New York, NY 10036

Producing Artistic Director: Richard Hopkins
Managing Director: Rebecca Hopkins
General Manager: Jill Zakrzewski
Casting and Hiring Coordinator: Joe Piserchio

Expected to attend:
Casting Associate: Gil Brady

See breakdown for production specific personnel.

See breakdown for production specific dates.

EPA Procedures are in effect for this audition.

An Equity Monitor will be provided.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity actors for roles in Florida Studio Theatre's 2023-24 Winter Season and Stage 3 Series (See breakdown).

All roles will be understudied.

If auditioning for “THE LEHMAN TRILOGY,” “PICTURES FROM HOME,” “THE WHITE CHIP,” or “BLEEDING HEART,” please prepare a 1-minute monologue. If auditioning for “TROUBADOUR,” please accompany yourself on guitar for a 32-bar cut of a country song (if interested in Joe, Pooch, Billy, Inez) or a - minute monologue (if interested in Ludee or Izzy). If auditioning for “A NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN,” please prepare a 32-bar cut from one of the artists listed in the breakdown. Please also bring your headshot and resume stapled together.


Florida Studio Theatre 2023-24 Winter Season and Stage 3 Series

Winter Mainstage 23-24 Season

By Sharr White
Based on the Photo Memoir “Pictures from Home” by Larry Sultan
Directed by Kate Alexander
Rehearsals begin – 11/21/2023
Show opens – 12/13/2023
Show closes – 2/18/2024
Possible extension(s) through – 3/3/2024

SYNOPSIS: Pictures From Home is a moving and comedic portrait of a mother, a father, and the son who photographed their lives. Drawing inspiration from Larry Sultan’s celebrated photo memoir, PICTURES FROM HOME will evoke recollections of childhood, parenthood, and the ever-changing nature of familial bonds. Can we ever really know our parents?

LARRY SULTAN – Masculine-presenting, 30s-50s, open ethnicity. A photographer who was active in taking and teaching photography from the 1970s until his death in 2009. His specialty was conceptual photographs of houses, a genre his Pictures From Home project falls into. Sensitive and passionate about his photography, but misunderstood. Originally played by Danny Burstein on Broadway.

IRVING SULTAN – Masculine-presenting, 50s-70s, open ethnicity. Larry’s father. He is an executive at a razor company, who is matter-of-fact and definitely masculine. One of Sultan's photo titles describes him as "looking like Johnny Carson." Headstrong, competitive, and stubborn. Disapproving of Larry’s photography project. Originally played by Nathan Lane on Broadway.

JEAN SULTAN – Feminine-presenting, 50s-70s, open ethnicity. Larry’s mother, a successful realtor. Sultan's photographs often show her in leisurewear and disco outfits. A workaholic who also tries to hold together the family despite the rift between Larry and Irving. She holds herself back to make her husband feel good. Originally played by Zoe Wanamaker on Broadway.

By Stefano Massini
Adapted by Ben Power
Directed by Richard Hopkins
Rehearsals begin – 1/2/2024
Previews- 1/31/2024-2/1/2024
Show opens – 2/2/2024
Show closes – 3/17/2024
Possible extension(s) through – 3/24/2024

SYNOPSIS: Winner of five Tony Awards, including Best Play, The Lehman Trilogy is the story of a family and a company that changed the world. In 1844, a Bavarian youth stands upon a New York dock, envisioning a fresh start in the unfamiliar land of opportunity. Accompanied by his two brothers, an American saga unfolds. 163 years down the line, the company they founded - Lehman Brothers - dramatically crumbles into bankruptcy, sparking the largest financial crisis in human history.

HENRY LEHMAN – Masculine-presenting, 40s-50s, open ethnicity. The oldest brother, he’s the one in charge—and he knows it. In his own words, “Henry Lehman is always right.” A dreamer, smart, and crafty, he is the head of the three brothers. Doubles as Philip Lehman, Pete Peterson, and others.

EMANUEL LEHMAN – Masculine-presenting, 30s-50s, open ethnicity. The middle child, he has a hot temper—You never know when he’ll blow up. Quick-tempered, hard-headed, and brash, he is the arm of the Lehman brothers. Doubles as Herbert Lehman, Lewis Glucksman, and others.

MAYER LEHMAN – Masculine-presenting, 30s-40s, open ethnicity. The youngest brother, he is an anxious person. Sentimental, passionate, and brave. The most sentimental of the three, he keeps Henry and Emanuel from bashing heads too often. Passionate about keeping the family business alive. Doubles as Bobby Lehman and others.

Conceived & Story by Janece Shaffer
Songs by Kristian Bush
Directed by Kate Alexander
Music Directed by TBD
Rehearsals begin – 3/12/2024
Previews: 4/1/2024-4/2/2024
Show opens – 4/3/2024
Show closes – 5/19/2024

SYNOPSIS: It’s 1951 in Nashville. Country music legend Billy Mason is on the eve of his retirement. Can his soft-spoken son, Joe, step into the spotlight and carry on his legacy? When Joe joins forces with an unlikely pair—a budding songwriter and a rodeo tailor on a mission—a revolution is born, and country music is changed forever. Featuring music by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush.

*All actors who play guitar must be strong guitarists and singers.

IZZY WEISS — Masculine-presenting, 30-40s, open ethnicity. Russian born, wiry, slight accent, lots of energy, scrappy, impulsive, ambitious.

INEZ MILLER* — Feminine-presenting, 20s-30s, open ethnicity. Sweet looking, faithful, plays the guitar and sings. Southern, but does NOT speak with an accent.

LUDEE FEEBACK — Feminine-presenting, 20s-30s, open ethnicity. a looker, sexy, gutsy, competitive, raw, Southern.

JOE MASON* — Masculine-presenting, 20s-30s, open ethnicity. Heart throb handsome, heir to country music, sheltered, tenderhearted, plays guitar and sings, Southern.

BILLY MASON* — Masculine-presenting, 50s-60s, open ethnicity. King of country music and looks it, can be charming and a son of a bitch, narcissist, sings, plays guitar, commanding, Southern.

POOCH JOHNSON* — Masculine-presenting, 40s-50s, open ethnicity. Southern radio personality, funny, big-hearted. Doubles as the Charlotte radio announcer, Jimmie Lollie.


Written and Directed by Sean Daniels
Rehearsals Begin- 12/26/2023
Previews- 1/17/2024-1/18/2024
Show Opens- 1/18/2024
Show Closes- 2/11/2024
Possible Extension Through: 2/18/2024

SYNOPSIS: The White Chip follows the story of Steven McAlister, an established theatre director, and his struggle with alcoholism and addiction. Across years of AA meetings and relapses, Steven struggles to find his way back to feeling like a human. The most important chip, the white chip, is for anyone who has 24 hours or a desire to stop drinking.

STEVEN - 30s, any race, male-presenting. A recovering alcoholic.

#1 - Any age, any race, female-presenting. Helping STEVEN to tell the story and also plays all the women in the piece.

#2 - Any age, any race, male-presenting. Helping STEVEN to tell the story and also plays all the men in the piece.

Written by Steve Yockey
Directed by Sean Daniels
Rehearsals Begin- 1/30/2024
Previews- 2/21/2024-2/22/2024
Show Opens- 2/23/2024
Show Closes- 3/17/2024
Possible Extension Through: 3/31/2023

SYNOPSIS: Sloane and Timothy are your typical middle-class couple. Sure, they squabble, but their sex life is still adventurous. Timothy holds things together thanks to Xanax, and Sloane makes baked goods for church fundraisers. But when Timothy offers a homeless man a place to stay on a “do-gooder impulse,” Sloane can’t help but feel that things have gone a bit too far. While the homeless man settles in, and the couple continues to bicker, Felicia Reed Walker, a whirlwind of a neighbor with a big mouth and an even bigger pocketbook, keeps barging in and walking off with Sloane’s and Timothy’s stuff. Bleeding Hearts is a dark comedy about good intentions, negative consequences, and one middle class couple struggling not to completely fall apart.

Sloane Burke: a woman, Timothy’s wife, high strung, opinionated, not afraid to use sarcasm as a weapon, a restless sleeper, pent up and frustrated in her marriage

Timothy Burke: a man, Sloane’s husband, earnest, a go getter, confident in his opinions, maybe a bit naïve about consequences but mostly a good guy, also a foodie

“Old Blindy”: a man, not actually old, all muscle and bone, bare feet, tattered clothing, with a blindfold of scrap; he’s bearded, dirty, bloody, & holding a large knife

Felicia Reed-Walker: a woman, something of a snooty femme fatale, but also rich beyond measure; this fact does not stop her from being a rampant kleptomaniac

Griff O’Brien: a younger man, Sloane’s brother, he’s a chipper poster child for wanderlust and all that’s romantic about taking zero responsibility for life decisions

Created and Written by Randy Johnson
Directed by Kate Alexander
Music Directed by TBD
Rehearsals Begin- 2/27/2024
Previews- 3/20/2024-3/21/2024
Show Opens- 3/22/2024
Show Closes- 4/7/2024
Possible Extension Through- 4/28/2024

SYNOPSIS: With a voice like whiskey and a laugh like pure joy, Janis Joplin took the music scene by storm. Simultaneously rough and vulnerable, Joplin was dubbed the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, proving music wasn’t just a man’s world anymore. Packed with classic songs (“Piece of My Heart, “Summertime,” “Mercedes Benz”), the show also shines the spotlight on trailblazers who influenced Janis – like Bessie Smith, Etta James and Aretha Franklin.

Janis Joplin – White, Mid 20s-Mid 30s. Force of nature, a genuine spirit, "a white chick singin' the blues," an original; the rock and roll legend, an old soul; great, authentic rock & roll/blues voice with incredible range and chords of steel.

Joplinaire #1 – BIPOC, any age. Backup singer, and featured singer evocative of Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone; sings "Summertime" in the original vocal style of the song and key.

Joplinaire #2 - BIPOC, any age. Backup singer, and featured singer evocative of Etta James and The Chantels.

Joplinaire #3 - BIPOC, any age. Backup singer, and featured singer evocative of Odetta, Bessie Smith, and The Chantels.

Joplinaire #4 - BIPOC, any age. Backup singer, and featured Blues Singer, also evocative of The Chantels; sings "Summertime" in the original vocal style and key.


LORT Non-Rep




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