Executive Director/Owner/Operator

Executive Director/Owner/Operator

CATEGORY: Administrative

Briggs Opera House
White River Junction, VT 05001


Jennifer Byrne

Job Details


White River Junction, VT:  The current owners are seeking a partner organization to help usher in the envisioned renaissance of the historic Briggs Opera House. We are inviting qualified organizations to make a proposal that would result in the best possible realization of this vision. The chosen partner will have the creativity and organizing ability to step into an already functioning community arts space and merge its energy to develop and execute a plan for permanence.  It is anticipated that the Partner will have symbiotic needs and uses for the BOH.  Initially, the partner organization will work collaboratively with Mr. Briggs and a newly formed nonprofit, Friends of the Briggs Opera House, to phase in and grow the project.  The Briggs Family is in a position at this time to agree to convey the BOH as a commercial condominium for $1 to the Partner willing and able to establish the necessary funding and management to accomplish the vision of permanence.

The Family is striving to ensure that the Briggs Opera House continues to serve the local arts community permanently and for generations to come; as such, it concludes the facility will require a comprehensive restoration. It is understood that this aspect of making the BOH permanent will call for a community supported campaign inspired by the deep commitment to community arts across the entire Upper Valley region. Such an accomplishment will emanate out of continued operations, joined by a respondent partner organization having an appropriate mission and commitment to sustaining a viable and permanent business plan.

A phased plan realistically requiring several years must begin without further delay. Meanwhile, steady expansion of the current calendar shall move forward under the guidance of a capable board to accomplish all the steps involved. The feasibility of the vision is rooted in the observation of comparable initiatives over the past 35 years in the Upper Valley resulting in substantial facilities for culture, education, sports, and charitable missions. They include Montshire Museum, VINS, Pentangle, Upper Valley Aquatic Center, Northern Stage, AVA, Campion Rink, Upper Valley Haven, and Listen, among others.

Deliverables include: 1) Phase in with FBOH to grow the vision of a permanent community arts space in WRJ  2) Utilize the BOH as part of the annual calendar of events and productions  3) Manage scheduling duties including booking and minor production assistance 4) Facilitate the large scale fundraising plan for restoration 5) Accept ownership of BOH when transferred upon completion of deliverables.



September 1, 2020 -



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