Clue! The Walking Experience- Actor Call (Milwaukee, WI)

Clue! The Walking Experience- Actor Call (Milwaukee, WI)

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Clue- The Walking Experience
Culver City, CA 90230

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CLUE Casting Call


CLUE is a socially distanced, outdoor, immersive family friendly murder mystery show in which audience members meet and interact with the various characters from the beloved Hasbro Game, CLUE. Who killed Mr. Body? And in which room will we find out?


The show will comply with all Federal and Local rules with regard to COVID19 health and safety. 


Audience groups of thirty or less will walk on a set route and meet various suspects one at a time, interacting with them for ten minutes or so. Each suspect will have an angle, most of which are variations on “I could have done it, but I didn’t.” 


Experience with improv, hosting, and guided tours are helpful. 




Mr. Butler (Any gender, any ethnicity)


Mr. Butler is a classic English butler, complete with upper class English accent. He’s simultaneously haughty and deferential. He’s immaculately dressed and follows all proper protocols, which provides a vivid contrast to the occasional witticism or seemingly out-of-character reference that escapes from his mouth. Tim Burton in Clue, Richard E Grant in Gosford Park, Robert Guillaume in Benson.


Mr. Green (Male, any ethnicity)


Mr. Green is a smooth talking con man. He instantly sizes up a crowd and becomes the exact version of himself he needs to be to win them over. He disarms people with his informality, seeming like a trusted old buddy even when you’ve just met him. Even though he’s fake, you can’t help but like him. Ben Schwartz, Marlon Wayans, Paul Rudd.


Mrs. Peacock (Female, any ethnicity)


Mrs. Peacock is the take-charge alpha female. She pulled herself up by her own bootstraps to get to a place of power and prestige, and she’s going to stay there. She’s image-conscious, glamorous and dangerous. She practical, capable and looks fabulous no matter what she’s doing. Madonna, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez.


Professor Plum (Male, any ethnicity)


Professor Plum is both an eccentric and bookish academic, and a globe-trotting adventurer. He’s odd and obscure, a bit of a nebbish. And he’s faced genuine danger in his field-work, lived to tell the tale, and loves talking about it all. Paul Giamatti, Thomas Middleditch in Silicon Valley, Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws.


Miss Scarlet (Female, any ethnicity)


Miss Scarlet is a gorgeous seductress on the one hand, and on the other she’s a playful, conspiratorial best friend. She can look at you and make it seem like you’ve been buddies for years, and that you’re lucky to be close to someone so sleek and desirable. Emma Stone, Yvonne Orji in Insecure, Julia Roberts.


Colonel Mustard (Male, any ethnicity)


Colonel Mustard is a gruff, tough, no nonsense career military man. He surveys the world and finds everyone soft and lacking. If he needed to he could be dropped naked into the Sahara or the Arctic and emerge a week later, fully clothed and with a full belly. Nick Offerman in Parks and Recreation, Sam Elliott, Samuel L Jackson.


Dr. Orchid (Female, any ethnicity)


Dr. Orchid has a mind like a well sharpened straight-razor. She’s an expert in plant toxicology, and loves nothing more than being left alone to devise new poisons. She only comes off as cold and emotionless because she absolutely is those things - unless someone or something threatens her work. Ming Na-Wen in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Karen Fukuhara in The Boys, Zendaya in Spider-Man: Homecoming.




  • Your resume as an attachment (not pasted into the body of the email).
  • Your headshot as an attachment (not pasted into the body of the email).

** Ensure your attachment names include your NAME and the word ‘RESUME’ or ‘HEADSHOT’.


  • The subject line of your email should say ‘YOUR NAME – CLUE in (Milwaukee, WI)’
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Actors able to provide their own housing in Milwaukee, WI will be given preference.

Open to all AEA and Non AEA Performers!


May 11, 2021 - June 13, 2021





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