Casting for Investment Banker Roles

Casting for Investment Banker Roles

CATEGORY: Performer

ACP Investment Group
Greenwich, CT 06830


John Smithson

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We have helped finance NY theater and would like to offer a unqiue part time income opportunity to male and female actors. Young or old.  

We could use assistance to keep in touch with our many private equity clients worldwide. Mostly institutions like pension funds, and banks.
But also some university endowments, museums and ultra high net worth families. 

If you are articulate, like an investment banker or say an art gallery consultant, we can provide you a script to recite to voicemails of clients and to send them our reports by email. An easy performance. 

Depending on your experience, we will pay up to $25 per hour and offer a bonus based on certain goals. Flexible times either morning, afternoon or evenings.
Typically, 4 hour shift so $100 per day. Up to 5 days per week. Can pay cash.  Could be long term opportunity whenever you are interested in earning extra money.  

This opportunity will enable you to earn money and wait out COVID crisis - privately. As well as protect your identity by not working at restaurants etc
or being forced to accept jobs away from New York.

We are located in Greenwich, Ct which is an easy train ride from Grand Central Station, and then our office building provides a 10 minute bus ride at various times. Once you learn, you can work from home and email your productivity reports to us. 
If interested, please email resume and/or letter to John Smithson, Director Human Capital, at  


November 20, 2020 - December 31, 2020



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