AD: Difficult Women+ Scene Study and Sonnet Workshop

AD: Difficult Women+ Scene Study and Sonnet Workshop

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Difficult Women+ Scene Study
New York, NY 10027


Jaclyn Biskup

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This is a scene study class for women+* designed to allow you to sink your teeth into exciting, complex, characters written for women+ by women+ in an empowered, inclusive, and affordable environment!

March 15, 22, 29, Apr 5
Mondays, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET
Meets Virtually (Zoom)
Max Enrollment 10 Actors 
Auditors Welcome!  

$40-80 (Sliding scale)

Wednesday, March 10
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET
Meets Virtually
Auditors Welcome!

$10-20(Sliding scale)


-- Can't make this class? Reply to this post to join my email list, and hear about future monologue and scene study classes in NYC
-- Want to work on a monologue instead? Drop-in for a coaching session when space permits. Email for info. 

ABOUT Difficult Women+ Scene Study
Tired of being pigeonholed into an overly simplistic type?
Feeling frustrated that directors hamper your agency in the rehearsal process?
Bored of playing supporting roles, stereotypes, and cliches?

In this class you will
-- Stretch your acting muscle with exciting complex material
-- Hone your craft in a feminist and empowered environment
-- Work with, meet, and connect with like-minded artists with similar values and goals
-- Work on  scenes and monologues written for women+ by women+
-- Be introduced to new plays, scenes, and monologues all written by women+ writers
-- Benefit from the collective wisdom and shared experiences of your fellow classmates.

Just like our in-person sessions, I'll choose a scene for you. The focus will be on text analysis, and I expect lots of discoveries from this new way of working. 

This class is open to all levels. 

The growing list of the writers featured in this course includes Johanna Adams, Tanya Barfield, Clare Barron, Sheila Callaghan, Caryl Churchill, Kara Lee Corthron, Cayenne Douglass, Halley Feiffer, María Irene Fornés, Kate Gersten, Rebecca Gilman, Gina Gionfriddo, Lauren Gunderson, Leslye Headland, Naomi Iizuka, Sarah Kane, Stephanie Kyung Sun Walters, Ellen McLaughlin, Erin Mallon, Mona Mansour, Dominique Morisseau, Janine Nabers, Lynn Nottage, Suzan Lori Parks, Theresa Rebeck, Sarah Ruhl, Jen Silverman, Nandita Shenoy, Diana Son, Caridad Svich, Sarah Treem, Paula Vogel, and others.

*women+ is cis and trans women & nonbinary and gender non-conforming folks who are comfortable in a woman-aligned affinity space.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions at and to sign up! Payment plans available on request! 

ABOUT Shakspeare’s Sonnets Workshop
This is an online one day intensive for women+* to serve as an intro to or ongoing study of Shakespeare's Sonnets. Looking for a new unique classical monologue, or want to learn more about working with Shakespeare's text? This class is a safe, supportive atmosphere to try out a new piece. Whether Shakespeare is your passion, you are just dipping your toe in, or anywhere in between - .this one day workshop will help you work on any Sonnet of your choosing and prepare it for use as a 1-minute monologue. We will focus on specificity and activating your selection. This is an empowering supportive environment for all levels. 


I have learned so much, read so many new plays, and felt such a sense of community I don’t think I would have otherwise. --Julia N.

I enjoyed learning from Jaclyn and the rest of the folks in class. Hearing all of the different perspectives and seeing a bit into everyone’s process was informative and makes me want to craft a better formula for myself. Thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone and helping me live in it! --Analise R.

It was so refreshing to get to practice my craft in a room full of women and not have to worry about managing men’s egos/insecurities/etc. I learned a lot about my process and have some new things I know I want to work on. I’ll definitely be back for another session in the future! -- Carla S.

I’m so incredibly grateful for the space and mindset Jaclyn created through your class. The plays were dope, and your focus on agency and specificity was something I really needed to hear. -- Erin K.

I’ve taken two sessions of the class so far, and in each have had the opportunity to play characters that went beyond my usual “type”– a newly out lesbian on a date with her future wife and a self-centered alcoholic gossiping and talking trash with her equally problematic coke addict sister. Both were immensely fun. Much of the strength of the class is the actors it attracts. Working with my talented scene partners has been as eye-opening and joyful as watching the other pairs work. -- Krista W.

I always enjoy the supportive, playful, and of course, feminist atmosphere in her classes, and look forward to the next session -- Nadia D.

Jaclyn knows people. She approaches her work with honesty and humor, which makes an actor feel immediately comfortable opening up, sharing, exploring, and most importantly failing. --Shannon S. 

[Jaclyn has] an awesome demeanor that makes this process something to look forward to. --Tracy S. 

Jaclyn is patient and wicked smart, and no matter your skill-level, she meets the actor where they are. She was both chill and challenging. I walked away with great respect for her, and made a mental note to call her for future private coachings! --Andrea P. 

Jaclyn Biskup is a director and producer working in theatre, television, and film and is passionately devoted to equity, diversity, and inclusion. She is the recipient of Emmy and Peabody nominations for her work on the digital series, THE SECRET LIFE OF MUSLIMS and currently works as a creative producer at New Ohio Theatre. She was the assistant director to Tony Award winner Anna Shapiro on the Broadway debut of THE MINUTES (Tracy Letts) and the Broadway production of STRAIGHT WHITE MEN (Young Jean Lee). More:


March 10, 2021 - April 5, 2021



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