AD: Coding Classes for Creatives!

AD: Coding Classes for Creatives!

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Apteryx Labs
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Matthew Billman

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COVID-19 has thrown theatre into uncharted territory. Our community and industry are changing every day, and many of those changes are likely to stick. In an increasingly digital professional world, it’s more important than ever to understand exactly how tech works, so that you can control how you are represented, seen, and heard. Knowing how to code gives you the power to do that.

Apteryx Labs is here to help. Everyone on our staff has a background in the arts, and we know how it is. You have a brand to build and maintain, and you have bills to pay. Coding can help with both, and we can show you how.

We’re offering a discounted rates on four three-hour packages for performing artists and theatre makers looking to learn how to grapple with, and thrive in, the digital landscape:

  • Intro to Web Design (HTML, CSS, JS): Learn the basics of how the internet works. We’ll start with the core principles of HTML and CSS, sprinkle in some JavaScript, and cover how to integrate third-party APIs to introduce pretty much any functionality to your site. Never pay SquareSpace or Wix to maintain a site for you again, and know that your site perfectly represents the “you” that you want casting directors and collaborators to see.
  • App Design (PyQT): Build your own free-standing app using either Python (the main language used in artificial intelligence) or Swift (the programming language that powers the iPhone). You know how folks always talk about building an app to make auditions easier? This is how you do that. 
  • The Apteryx “Do-What-You-Want” Course: Can’t make up your mind? We’ll come up with a project-based program tailored entirely to your needs. The sky’s the limit! Just don’t ask us to hack the NSA - they don’t like it when we do that...

Courses are $120 for three private hour-long sessions, with an option to continue working with us as a student/client afterwards. Sessions will be scheduled to suit your needs and conflicts.


Apteryx Labs provides consulting and tutoring services in data science, machine learning, web, and app design. We also offer bespoke website and app development.

Apteryx is built to solve problems differently. Where others get stuck in a routine that may limit their outlook or try to reinvent the wheel, Apteryx finds the sweet spot in between, building on shared basic knowledge with a fresh, interdisciplinary perspective and critical eye to create innovative and reliable solutions to a vast variety of tech problems. We believe in multidisciplinary innovation, education and accessibility, and inclusivity.


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