Actors for A Christmas Carol

Actors for A Christmas Carol

CATEGORY: Performer

West Virginia Public Theatre
Morgantown, WV 26505


Jerry McGonigle

Job Details


West Virginia Public Theatre is seeking Non-AEA Performers for our upcoming Holiday production of A Christmas Carol, adapted by Andrew Lyons, based on the novel by Charles Dickens, directed by Jerry McGonigle.


WVPT is committed to an inclusive approach to casting. Actors of all types and abilities are encouraged to submit for the role with which they identify. Housing will be provided for non-local artists. As this is an in-person production all performers must be fully vaccinated by the start of rehearsal. Covid safety protocols will be in place and proof of vaccination will be required upon contract signing.  We will be following local and state requirements as well as  CDC guidelines for Covid safety.  We are leaving our dates for callbacks flexible so that we can present the most up to date safety policies and protocols for production at the time of your callback.


Callback Date: October 16th and/or October 23rd

Rehearsals Begin: November 22nd (Off Nov. 25th & 26th)

Opening Performance: December 16th

Closing Performance: December 21st


Character Breakdown (doubling to be determined):

Ebenezer Scrooge: (50-65) 

Stingy and reclusive London business owner who undergoes a supernaturally transformative Christmas Eve.

Bob Cratchit: (25-45)

         Husband, Father, and Scrooge’s much put-upon clerk.

Fred: (20-35) 

         Scrooge’s kind hearted and eternally optimistic nephew.

Welfare I: (20-65)

         Benevolent business person collecting donations for the poor.

Welfare II: (20-65)

         Second benevolent business person collecting donations for the poor.

Melancholy Waiter: (20-65)

         Waitstaff at the Melancholy restaurant.

Jacob Marley: (25-45)

         Ghost of Scrooge’s former business partner.

Ghost of Christmas Past: (25-65)

         Spirit that shows Scrooge his strangely forgotten past.

Young Scrooge I: (10-15)

         Scrooge during his school days.

Fan Scrooge: (15-20)

         Scrooge’s sister.

Young Scrooge II: (18-25)

         Scrooge early in his business career.

Belle: (18-25)

         Scrooge’s former fiancée.

Ghost of Christmas Present: (25-65)

         Spirit that shows Scrooge the present reality of his greater community.

Mrs. Cratchit: (20-45)

         Loving and protective wife and mother.

Martha Cratchit: (15-20)

         Eldest Cratchit daughter. 

Peter Cratchit: (12-17)

         Eldest Cratchit son.

Belinda Cratchit: (10-14)

         Youngest Cratchit daughter.

Tiny Tim Cratchit: (8-11)

         Youngest Cratchit son.

Fred’s Wife: (20-35)

         The wife of Scrooge’s nephew Fred.

Ignorance: (10-15)

         Present’s attendant spirit.

Want: (10-15)

         Present’s attendant spirit.

Ghost of Christmas Future: (25-65) 

         Spirit that reveals Scrooge’s possible future.

Business I/II/III: (20-65)

         3 Local business people.

Old Joe: (35-65)

         Proprietor of sketchy pawn shop. 

Charwoman: (35-65)

         Scrooge’s former housekeeper.

Laundress: (20-65)

         Scrooge’s laundry person.

Poor Husband: (20-45)

         Debtor in arrears to Scrooge.    

Poor Wife: (20-45)

         Debtor in arrears to Scrooge.

Turkey Lad: (10-15)

         Street urchin.

Turkey Man: (15-65)

         Poulterer’s Delivery Person

Fred’s Maid: (20-45)

         Fred’s household staff.




Video Submission Instructions:

Please slate your name, pronouns, and 1-2 minute monologue in the style of the show. Dialects are not required for the initial audition but the show will utilize both RP and Cockney dialect work.  Please also include 16 bars of either a Christmas Carol or a classic MT song. This NOT the musical version of A Christmas Carol but some light choral singing will be required. Deadline for submissions is October 8th, 2021.


Submission Form:


Salary Range: $250-$700/Week


November 22, 2021 - December 22, 2021







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