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SYNOPSIS: Rachel and Ben want to buy a flat in London. And so do their friends, Melanie and Sam. But what with rent, tax, student loans and bills, it’s impossible to save for a deposit.
So the foursome comes up with a fast-track solution to the problem: live together. Sneakily split the rent and bills on a tiny one bedroom flat for a year. But with paper thin walls and space growing sparser by the day, which will they sacrifice first – the friendship, the relationship or the dream of buying their own property?

Directed by Lisa Spirling

Starring: Ben Addis, Karl Davies, Natalie Dew, Nicola Kavanagh

Designer: Polly Sullivan
Lighting: Johanna Town
Sound: Richard Hammarton

Show Times: Monday - Saturday @19:45; Wednesday matinee @14:45, Saturday matinee @15:15

Tickets from £20