Attack of the Elvis Impersonators

Attack of the Elvis Impersonators

SYNOPSIS: From Lory Lazarus, the writer of "Courage, the Cowardly Dog," ATTACK OF THE ELVIS IMPERSONATORS is a rollicking and irreverent new musical comedy featuring an original score, swooning fangirls, an antichrist, world peace, a social media star, the spirit of Elvis ... and of course, a hero!
When Drac Frenzie, a burnt-out world famous heavy metal icon decides to save himself from self-destruction by impersonating Elvis, a miracle occurs -- which leads him to not only saving himself, but also the world.
This show satirizes everything from topics of self-identity, society, organized religion and the state of humanity all in an insanely riotous way! ATTACK OF THE ELVIS IMPERSONATORS will make you howl as it converts you to Hound Dog: the new religion of peace.

Directed by Don Stephenson

Choreography by Melissa Zaremba

Starring: Eric Sciotto, Laura Woyasz, Curtis Wiley

Show Times: Sunday @3pm and 7:30pm, Monday @8pm, Thursday and Friday @8pm, Saturday @2pm and 8pm

Tickets from $79