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This new adaptation of George Orwell's iconic novel 1984 plays Broadway after four wildly successful U.K. runs. One of the most widely referenced and best known fiction titles of all time, 1984 was first published in 1949. Interest in the title has spiked in the wake of the controversial 2016 Presidential election, sending it to #1 on Amazon's bestseller list.

SYNOPSIS: Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth, rewriting newspaper articles so that history always supports the views of the Party. But when Winston has a thought, writes a diary and falls in love, he does so under the ever watchful eye of Big Brother.

Performances begin May 18

Information is subject to change prior to opening night.

May 18 - 21 - Thursday - Saturday @8pm, Sunday @2pm

May 22 - 28 - Tuesday - Friday @8pm, Saturday @2pm and 8pm, Sunday DARK

May 29 - June 18 - Tuesday @8pm, Wednesday @2pm and 8pm, Thursday and Friday @8pm, Saturday @2pm and 8pm, Sunday @3pm
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