Casting & Jobs

Administrative Intern Internship
Senior Vice President Marketing Administrative
Pippin (Tour) - NYC EPA Performer
West Side Story - Replacements Performer
Stupid F****** Bird - Local EPA Performer
Jekyll & Hyde - Local EPA (2 Days) Performer
Sojourners/runboryrun - Local EPA Performer
Fred’s Diner - Non-Required Principal Audition Performer
Wardrobe Production Assistant Technical
Receptionist Administrative
Plath. - NYC Fringe (Musical) Performer
White Christmas - ECC / Dancers Performer
White Christmas - ECC / Singers Performer
Tuck Everlasting - ECC / Dancers Performer
Tuck Everlasting - NYC EPAs Performer
Yates Musical Theatre 2015 Season - NJ Appointment Performer
AD: Musical Theater Intensive w/ Telsey + Co. Casting Director Classes
Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre - Stage Manager Technical
Spring Awakening - NYC EPAs Performer
Drop Dead Perfect - NYC EPA Performer
Kiss Me Kate - ECC/ Singers Performer
Catch The Butcher - NYC EPA Performer
Are You the Next Broadway KidSTAR? Performer
Seeking Broadway Editorial/News Writers for Startup Magazine Editorial/Writing
Development and Sales Associate Administrative
The Perfect Summer Job! Sell Broadway Shows! Other
Mandarin Language Singers Performer
AD: The Gamechanger w/Lindsay Levine of Tara Rubin Casting Classes
Summer Teen Theater - Catch Me if You Can Performer
Communications Manager Administrative
Front Waiter Non-Theatrical
Arts Administration Intern Internship
Stage Manager Technical
Poor People - NYC Appointments Performer
Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre Season - PA EPAs Performer
Familiar - NYC EPA Performer
Full Time Casting Internship for Broadway Casting Office Internship
Ojai Playwrights Conference Summer ‘15-P/R Request Performer
Empire Burlesque - LA Appointments (Revised) Performer
Empire Burlesque - Los Angeles EPA (Revised) Performer
An Intolerant Vaudeville - LIC Unfringed Festival Performer
Allegiance - Open Call for Male Dancers Performer
Seeking Non-Union Performers for Rent Performer
Seeking Actors - Union & Non-Union Performer
Arvada Center Season Plays - NYC EPA Performer
Aida Non-Equity Male Dancers Who Sing Performer
A Tool To Manage The Actor’s Lifestyle! Free Session Coaching
Show Carpenter (PT) Technical
Summer’s Best Day Job! Sell Broadway Shows! Other
Free Cirque du Soleil Audition Workshop Performer