The Horrifically Real Virtuality - Seeking Submissions

The Horrifically Real Virtuality - Seeking Submissions

CATEGORY: Performer

The Future of StoryTelling
New York, NY 10011

Job Details


Paris’s DV Group is seeking submissions for the New York run of their award-winning piece « The Horrifically Real Virtuality. »Casting performers of all genders who are comfortable with immersive, non-traditional and improvised performance. See Character Breakdowns below 

All auditions must be submitted via video to

Deadline for submission is January 16th, 2019 at 5pm EST 


·       Competitive professional pay

·       Minimum of 18hrs p/week.

·       6 hr shifts.

·       Run time Feb 11th – April 15th (Must be able to commit to entire 9 weeks, this is including 1 week training, hours TBD).

·       This is a non-union project.

·       Actors will be hired on a freelance basis and will need to complete a 1099 before the project commences. 

·       Payment will be made twice over the duration of the project, 1st at the 4 week mark and 2ndat the end of the project.

·       Invoices will need to be submitted for payment.

Character Breakdowns 

Ed Wood (Male, 20s-30s): Ed Wood is a Hollywood Z list movie director, who is famous for directing ‘the worst movie of all time’ amongst other epic failures. A good friend of the actor Bela Lugosi, he is trying to revive their careers via his new project ‘The Horrifically Real Virtuality’. He is a young man, late 20’s, full of boundless energy, charisma, and showmanship. The actors chosen for this role will play the part of Ed Wood throughout the 45 minute experience, he engages with the spectators, enlisting them to help him shoot a final scene for his movie. He feels passionate, spontaneous and experimental throughout the experience with a sharp sense of humor.

Bela Lugosi (Male): Bela Lugosi, long confined to the roles of vampires, is an aging actor who finds himself starring in the latest creation of the young bright-eyed director Ed Wood. In The Horrifically Real Virtuality, Bela Lugosi is represented through an actor wearing a motion capture suit. He is quick witted, he has fun with the users and even jokes about their acting skills when they feature in the film with him. This part is for an actor who can convey the illusion of an old Bela Lugosi. Experience with Motion capture is useful and improvisational ability required.

Stage Director(25-55): The stage director plays multiple roles throughout the experience, serving as the audience’s host and guide when they first enter, as well as performing theatrical and technical functions throughout. Improvisational ability and comedic timing critical. 


February 11, 2019 - April 15, 2019



Send e-mail to audrey...

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Audition Information


Please prepare one of the following sides and submit the video to 

Deadline for submission is January 16th, 2019 at 5pm EST   

Auditions Materials 

ED WOOD – Sides 

Excerpt 1
(From 2m30s - 4m30)

(Auditionees don’t have to read out when Bela talks, just pause)
Ed Wood

Hey please allow me to introduce myself. Okay lets be friends huh, my name is Edward Davis Wood Junior, I’m a director, screenwriter, humble filmmaker, huh, yes I am an actor as well you recognize the face I know, guys I have made over 70 films in my career, but today you’ve come at the right time, the time of my masterpiece, the time of THRV, a horror movie so frightening It just might shake you to your bones, with breathtaking special effects, and a story so real it just might suck you in! 

*Ed Laughs*

 Now I know what you’re thinking folks, how do I know this’ll be a masterpiece right? well let me tell you… As unbelievable as it may seem, my film is starring the one and only Bela Lugosi himself! Ready to tread the boards again and in the best shape of his life… now he was born in-


Bela *Coughing*

   Eddyyyyy, heeeelp

Ed Wood

Ah, speak of the devil, *laughs*okay, we must be on our way because we’re crazy late again but not to worry folks okay, we only have one more scene to shoot before the big premiere alright, so come on in don’t be shy, come through quick

Ah Bela, is everything okay?


Eddy are we actually going to shoot a scene today?

Ed Wood

Yes we are of course right away

Ladies and Gentleman, you have nothing to be scared of it’s okay, allow me the great pleasure, to introduce to you the one and only Bela Lugosi, in the flesh and Blood!

Come on big hand!

Excerpt 2


Ed Wood

WOAH no no no, we can’t show the movie as is because the movie isn’t finished Max, you don’t go to a cinema and see an unfinished film, show the movie as is? no no we can’t I mean it’s not finished guys, you come to see how we work and the movie’s ISN’T finished Max, thats crazy, that's like saying lets watch Citizen Kane without the rosebud explanation! 


It wouldn't make any damn sense!

Ed Wood

No it wouldn't make any DAMN sense, you’re right, in fact Bela can you take a 2 minute break, ladies and gentleman I’m sorry this is quite unprofessional, I’m gonna have a word with my producers okay, I’ll get back to you, please help yourself to our *pause*catering…

MAX, Marie Marie, I need to speak with you out here please!


Excerpt 1
(From 22m20s - 23m13)

Auditionees do not need to read out the User responses, just pause.


*Jumps out from behind the curtain to see spectators in his living room*

Ahhh, WHAT, Who are you? Who are you??? Well am Bela this is my house, who are you? What are you doing here? You’ve come to meet me? Well then you just knock on the door, you say “hello is Bela home?” I let you in. You don’t just come in to somebody’s house! Where I come from you will get arrested for this behavior you know!

 Anyway where are my manners, it is a pleasure to meet you. How are you? Welcome to Casa Bela…

 *Shaking hands with the spectators*

 Nice to meet you!

Come in come in, make yourselves comfortable, you know, have a seat, in you come, don’t stand by the door you’ll catch a cold eh

Excerpt 2

(From 24m00s - 25m36)


Listen, I must be truthful with you: I have been stuck inside this terrible terriblemovie for er, well if feels like forever. You know I signed a contract to work with Ed, and ever since the first day I’ve been stuck here in the movie. You know I cannot get out I cannot leave, there is just the credits, there is this scene and there is nothing else, but finally you are here, the strange creatures from out of space, so you must know how to get out if you could get in yes? 


(not sure)


So how do we get back, to the real world?




Yes How did you get in?


(through The Door) 


oh you came through the door? oh wow you must be the funny one, I have been through this door out into the forest, and you walk and you walk and you walk and you walk and you walk…. and then you finally come to the back door, and then you walk out this side, you walk and you walk and you walk…. and you finally come this way, it is a maze a labyrinth you cannot escape.

So how did you get in ?


(from the screen)


From the screen? what you went throughthe screen of the cinema and into the movie? 




How did you do this? 


(we don’t know it just happened)  


it just happened?!

Ah does not surprise me, that is the sign of a true lazy script writer how did it happen? it just happened, does not surprise me in this movie...


 Excerpt 1
(From 00m50s - 2m18)

Auditionees do not need to read out the other character responses, just pause.

The stage director 

So, in a few minutes you will attend a screening of the latest DVGroup production called: “The Horrifically Real Virtuality”.

So, it’s a movie in VR directed by Ed Wood junior.

Everybody is aware about VR?



The stage director 


Uhh…but before that, because we didn’t finish the movie,

because we wanted to show you the way we work and how we can shoot a movie in VR, so, before the screening you will attend a shooting of one scene of this movie on set.

The Producer / Marie

erm, I’m sorry we’ve got a small logistical issue so maybe we will have to skip this part

The stage director 

So, I will tell you a little bit about the movie just in case: The movie is about an old man who lost his wife a long time ago and he never got over that-

*Electrician enters, talking in French*


C’est bon pour l'électricité ca devrait marcher d’ici 2 min on a trouver la source de la panne

The stage director 

Ah ok, sorry about that.

So… the story is about an old man who lost his wife a long time ago he never got over that. And so he starts to become insane, and to believe that he been taken away by aliens. Well not only aliens, but a kind of puppet master who is pulling the strings. He tried to use the lightning to open a gate across another dimension.

*Ed Wood enters dramatically, surprising the public*
Ed Wood

Well it’s all about love!
Ed Wood

I’m sorry, no! it’s soall about love man come on!

The stage director 

Sorry about that, here is Eddy the amazing screen-writer…






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