Project Manager


Project Manager

Holiday Image, LLC
Harrison, NJ 07029


Jillian Schwam

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Project Manager


Project Manager

Holiday Image, LLC – Harrison, NJ Holiday Image, LLC is looking for a Project Manager to manage all phases of custom design build projects including Design, Budgeting, Pre-Production, Fabrication, Installation and Strike.

Please do not apply if you are not in the New York Tri-State area.

All candidates must provide resume.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES: Knowledge of and ability to specify materials, fabrication methods, specifications, installation instructions and engineering requirements for custom design.
  • Work with sales, creative, shop, architects, engineers, sourcing and purchasing.
  • Read and measure scaled working drawings.
  • Conceptualize and develop structural details from artistic renderings.
  • Create technical drawings in CAD for fabrication.
  • Build excel spreadsheet for pricing.
  • Create project timeline for self and team with deadlines and milestones.
  • Lead team taking projects through multiple phases from design to installation.
  • Orchestrate project workflow with design, sales, clients, creative, shop and vendors.
  • Work with Shop, Sourcing and Purchasing Managers to identify appropriate internal and external resources.
  • Conduct site surveys.
  • Specify rigging methods, equipment and structural support solutions.
  • Develop detailed installation directive.  
  • Supervise on site installations.
  • Evaluate integrity of materials during refurbishment process.
  • Establish competent electrical standards.
  • Develop prototypes with shop.
  • Identify, communicate and collaborate to solve project challenges.

  • REQUIRED SKILLS AND ABILITIES:  Custom design, build, fabrication.
  • Structural design.
  • Directing fabrication with wood, metal, plastic and electrical components.
  • Electrical
  • Budget management
  • Creating detailed blueprints.
  • Organizing multi-disciplined team with customized solutions and hard deadlines.
  • Working with power tools and heavy equipment.
  • Precisely communicating verbally and artistically.
  • Thinking strategically and goal oriented.
  • Working with Excel, CAD and Project Management software.
  • Multitasking in a fast paced environment.
  • Understanding of Freight & Logistics.
  • Maintain project data digitally (assets, estimates, client communication, etc.)

  • EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Business/related degree preferred.
  • A minimum of 5-10 years’ experience with a proven track record.

  • PROCESS OVERVIEW: Design Phase.  Review customer goals.  Review artwork, concepts, specifications, materials.  Understands obstacles, options and potential solutions.  Prepare budget and planning workbook.  Acquire budget and scheduling information.  Prepare production timeline.  Assist design team with structural input, value engineering and material recommendations.
  • Budget Phase. Develop list of production requirements.  Schedule budget meetings.  Develop materials and labor estimates.  Research overseas and domestic manufacturing options.  Research safety and health concerns.  Develop preliminary shop schedule.  Confirm design meets applicable Life, Safety, Building and Fire Codes.
  • Pre-Fabrication Phase.  Order materials.  Produce technical drawings.  Build prototypes.  Test prototypes.  Develop build schedule.  Develop load-in schedule.  Develop installation directive.  Communicate budget and schedule with shop manager.  Follow Holiday Image purchasing procedures.
  • Fabrication Phase.  Produce and communicate technical drawings and schedules to shop manager and/or fabrication manager.  Monitor budget.  Schedule daily work in progress meeting with stakeholders.  Address challenges, change orders, modifications, and quality topics.  Attend all production meetings. 
  • Load-In Phase.  Supervise load-in.  Update stakeholders on updates and changes to installation directive with detailed guidelines for future field project managers.
  • Technical Review Phase.  Visit site, inspect, review aesthetic, performance and safety topics.  Develop strike plan.  Communicate strike requirements to stakeholders.
  • Strike.  Supervise strike to ensure orderly and safe removal, packing, loading and storage of project elements. 



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