Non Eq. Stage Manager - Education Touring Production


Non Eq. Stage Manager - Education Touring Production

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival


Jared Goldstein

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Non Eq. Stage Manager - Education Touring Production


In its 26th season the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival is a professional theatre company on the campus of DeSales University in the Lehigh Valley, 2 hours from NYC and 1 hour from Philly. Each summer, PSF produces a season of Shakespeare alongside other classics, musical theatre, and children’s theatre. During the Fall PSF’s Education Department produces a touring Shakespeare production that travels to middle and high schools across the state. 

This season's production is Romeo and Juliet.  Rehearsals are in the Lehigh Valley.  The tour consists of the stage manager and ten actors who handle all aspects of production during performances.  The set, costumes, props and sound system fit into a truck that travels to each venue.  A typical day operates on a high school schedule meaning early morning starts.  Departure from housing ranges from 5am-7am but can vary outside of that depending on the school’s needs.  The company arrives 2 hours ahead of Go, load in takes about 90 minutes, there is time for a fight call and brief actor warm up.  The script is cut to fit into the school’s schedule, typically 90 minutes.

PSF also offers, and most school’s book, workshop sessions.  The cast leads students through workshops ranging from stage combat to script analysis.  Workshops are prepped as part of the rehearsal process.  Stage management helps to coordinate resources and keeps the schedule but does not lead workshops.

Housing is provided. 

PSF is dedicated to building a diverse and equitable environment.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to an inclusive work place.


• Stage Management experience is required.  This position is typically filled by a young professional.  Good with paperwork, organization and attention to detail.

• Must be comfortable driving the truck (16’ box truck).

• Comfortable with basic production maintenance (paint touch ups, add a screw here or there, costume repairs such as missing buttons or minor tears, etc).

• Some company management/admin duties.

• SM will lead the team of actors through daily, early morning load in/set up process (Production Manager works with the SM to set up the work assignments and process before the cast begins that part of the process).

• Pleasant demeanor while working alongside students and teachers even very early in the morning after a long drive.

• Diplomatic sensibility to help lead a cast that spends 24 hours a day together, travelling in a van, early in the morning, performing and returning home together.

• Ability to roll with an often changing situation.  All kinds of circumstances can be encountered on an educational tour: stage sizing being different than expected, traffic delays, students starting to enter early while fight call is still in process, set from the school’s productions accidentally on stage, having to track down the right person to unlock the theater, etc.


September 11, 2017 - November 19, 2017





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