Event Operations Manager


Event Operations Manager

ePosterBoards LLC
Charlestown, MA 02129


Kathrynn Phillippe

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Event Operations Manager




  • Overseeing the Equipment Event/Maintenance technicians which will include: creating schedules, assigning weekly maintenances tasks, verifying completion
  • Run technical support demos/webinars as requested, along with prepare, transport and setup the ePosterBoard units.
  • Attend setup meetings to meet with clients. Work with the operations team to coordinate the design of optimal layouts for the ePosterBoards units with clients.
  • Work with the Business Manager to ensure that on-site logistics are coordinated for both local and away venues [including but not limited to: power/network orders, staffing needs, security/loading dock contacts, ePosterBoards hardware/software/on-site management requirements etc.)
  • As requested by the Business Manager and/or Marketing/Event Supervisor, coordination of ePosterBoard presentation logistics with the clients.  This can include creating shared folders with each client in Drop Box, creating poster kiosks, editing presentations, setting due dates with the client for poster submission and checking each poster for presentation compatibility.
  • In the office, prepare all of the equipment for transportation and setup at each venue.
  • Verify that all equipment event checklists have been created and checked for accuracy based on the venue needs.   
  • Driving the company and rental trucks to and from venues (local and away).

·     Actively participate, via leading-by-example, in the event setup and breakdown; and remain on-site during each venue to provide technical support and troubleshoot any technical issues.

·      Assist the eposter presenters to successfully upload their poster presentations onto the ePosterBoards units.

  • Both before hand and/or on-site, be available to assist the poster presenters with creating their electronic posters, including optimizing the format, generation of multiple pages, and embedding transitions, animations, videos, etc.
  • Provide IT support before, during and after ePosterBoards events to facilitate the eposter presentation experience for the meeting organizers, presenters and attendees.
  • Troubleshooting: realizing and solving typical/common malfunctions and or issues with the network, computers/tablets, and TVs. Furthermore, demonstrate the ability to teach others how one would go about solving these issues. Working with the operations team to host troubleshooting sessions with the full-time staff to increase the skill sets of all team members.
  • Participate in the implementation of ancillary and newly developed electronic services provided by ePosterBoards.
  • Assist the ePosterBoards senior management team with creating operations manuals, company policy documents and event management procedures.
  • Provide support for the ePosterBoards senior management team with assistance in implementing operating procedures and staff training for new franchise locations.
  • At specific intervals, create reports for the Senior Management team regarding opportunities to update and improve the current processes and technologies, and/or to implement new software applications.



  • Manage the full range of ePosterBoards events (local and away).
  • Order new equipment as requested (per venue), catalog them with asset tags and repair or replace damaged equipment.
  • Keep monthly budgets for all equipment that has been purchased including specific details regarding repairs and replacements.
  • Ensure that the equipment area is arranged in an organized manner. This will include ensuring that the support staff is emptying the transport cases after venues and verifying that all equipment was put back in the correct location.
  • Verify that quarterly inventory checks have been implemented by the operations team and that all of the correct equipment numbers in the database.
  • Coordinate transportation and setup arrangements for each venue, including determining the transportation logistics (including shipping and truck parking information).
  • Create in-depth floor plans for equipment case allocation on rental trucks and/or ePosterBoards truck (when using for multiple venues).
  • Create detailed equipment allocation checklists for venues, especially when there are multiple simultaneous events so that the equipment requirements match the available inventory.
  • Coordinate the labor needed for each venue (local and away). This will include hiring the setup crew, creating their monthly schedules, making sure that they have all of the event information and finalizing the payment hours.
  • Manage the usage of the temp staffing management software (shiftplanning, jobble etc.)
  • Create monthly budget reports regarding the expenditure for each of the temp staff members (local and away).
  • Create a venue database regarding the specific logistics details for each building.
  • Oversee the equipment maintenance and computer updating tasks that have been assigned to the support staff.
  • Do quality control checks for both the computer/tablet hardware and software.
  • Oversee the scheduling of any maintenance appointments for the truck and make sure that it has all of the up-to date RMV stickers. Also verifying that the truck is ready for each venue ie, log books, medical records, gas etc.
  • Work with the support staff to ensure that the truck has been washed (away venues), organized and cleaned (interior and exterior) after each venue.
  • Attend on-site setup meetings with the event organizers to get the proper information to plan the event.
  • Compile all of the on-site logistics information from the setup meetings onto the logistics checklist sheets.  
  • Create floor plans for all of the events (except for events where the floor plan is provided by the organizer and/or another ePosterBoards employee has attended the meeting).
  • Keep track of all of the on-site notes from events and add them to the event status reports.
  • Assist with the posting, interview process and hiring of the operations support staff/maintenance position(s).
  • Assist with the completion review of eposter kiosks/presentations generated by the support staff.
  • Maintain the event & operations standards that have been set by the ePosterBoards owners.      


March 27, 2017 -



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