Drunk Shakespeare - Seeking MacBeth


Drunk Shakespeare - Seeking MacBeth

Drunk Shakespeare
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Drunk Shakespeare - Seeking MacBeth


All your whiskey soaked actor fantasies are about to come true, because the hit Off-Broadway juggernaut Drunk Shakespeare is looking for performers with that special combination of indestructible livers, a love of The Bard, and an insatiable hunger to play!

Each night, one actor downs six shots and then attempts a Shakespeare play. Seriously. Inhibitions are released, the muse is invoked, and the spirits flow freely. Where else can you share the stage with Bernie Sanders, the Swedish Chef, a sexually charged doorman, and Bill Pullman, all while performing some of the most beautiful language ever written and singing the theme song from GHOST?! Pop culture, current events, the whole canon of plays, music, drinks and more take over a hidden library lounge on 43rd street in the heart of Times Square, and this is your opportunity to become a society member and honor Billy Bard’s original intention of getting hammered and performing some iambic pentameter.

For over THREE YEARS, Drunk Shakespeare has been entertaining audiences from all over the world by focusing on continued growth and improvement. Alumni from the cast of Drunk Shakespeare have gone on to perform on Broadway & the West End, in national equity tours and with Blue Man Group. We want society members who are excited about the opportunity to get involved with a long running show by bringing fresh ideas, passion, energy, excitement, and a willingness to push those boundaries just a little further than normal!

We are seeking currently seeking actors to fill the following role:

Macbeth (Male)

The rock of the Drunk Shakespeare Society. The titular character has to nimbly maneuver between Shakespeare, comedy, improv and Al Pacino, all while keeping the momentum of the show alive. It requires an actor who is incredibly comfortable in their own skin, and isn’t afraid to set up fellow company members for success. Past Macbeths have gone on to careers on Broadway, TV, Film, and their local pubs. Ideal candidates will have a strong history of work with classical text and a high level of ease with improv/sketch comedy. We are actively seeking diverse actors. Actors of color are encouraged to submit. Older actors are encouraged to submit.

This role will be required to get tipsy/drunk on stage approximately once a week.

Actors should bring a diverse range of skills, and should highlight any special skills like juggling, gymnastics, performing stunts/tricks, an ability to play musical instruments/sing, ability to speak other languages, or experience with sketch comedy/improv. Actors should be comfortable with mild nudity. We are searching for people that are going to bring ideas, energy, and excitement to the company. If you’ve got a passion for Shakespeare and sour mash, we want to see you!


$100 per show, with the possibility of up to 8 shows/week.

$25/hr for rehearsals


Because of the unique, immersive and interactive nature of the show, actors will be signed to an initial, 4 week “trial period” in order to ensure a good fit.

NOTE: By submitting for this casting you are acknowledging that you are over 21 years of age, and that you are excited and able to drink on stage approximately once a week. Meme Juice Productions does not promote irresponsible drinking, and strict drunk performance guidelines will be adhered to.

For consideration, Please send a brief cover letter detailing any special skills or talents, plus your headshot/resume to drunkshakescasting@gmail.com with the following subject: “[YOUR NAME], Macbeth”


August 10, 2017 - January 31, 2018





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