Assassins, Escaped Alone, And A Chorus Line - Arlington VA EPA

Assassins, Escaped Alone, And A Chorus Line - Arlington VA EPA

CATEGORY: Performer

Signature Theatre
Arlington, VA

Job Details


Call Type: Equity Performer Audition

LORT Non-Rep
LORT B AND D; $941 and $696/week minimums


Personnel in attendance:
Kelly d’Amboise, Resident Casting Director, Signature Theatre
Angelica Miguel, Casting Fellow, Signature Theatre
Connor James Reilly, Monitor, Signature Theatre
Robert Hebda, Lead Monitor, Signature Theatre

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity Performers for various roles in three shows for the upcoming 2019-20 season: ASSASSINS, ESCAPED ALONE, and A CHORUS LINE. See breakdown for details.

SM positions for A Chorus Line and Assassins are filled.
SM position for Escaped Alone is open and available.

ASM positions for A Chorus Line and Assassins are open and available.
(see separate notice on Casting Call for SM submission info)


Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by John Weidman
Directed by Eric Schaeffer
Music Direction by

MAX Stage:
LORT B scale
1st Rehearsal: July 15, 2019
Running: August 13, 2019- September 22, 2019 Possible Extension: October 6, 2019
All parts to be understudied.


[BILLY]: 7-10, Seeking a young boy to play Sara Jane Moore’s son

[FEMALE ENSEMBLE]: to play various roles.

[MALE ENSEMBLE]: to play various roles.


Directed by TBD
Rehearsals start: August 27, 2019
Running: September 24 – November 3, 2019 Extension: November 17, 2019
The ARK Theater: LORT D scale
All parts to be understudied.

SEEKING: Strong female actresses to play characters who are age 70 years or older.
A play about four women in their 70’s, where idle chit chat turns epic. A cross-section of local gossip and global catastrophe. Sally , Vi, and Lena are all good friends and neighbors having afternoon tea together, when Mrs. Jarrett comes over, introducing a very different dynamic to the conversation.

[SALLY]: Has a phobia of cats.

[VI]: Has a strong dislike for kitchens as she killed her husband in her own kitchen several years ago.

[LENA]: Suffers from crippling depression.

[MRS. JARRETT]: Tells tales of apocalyptic scenario.


Book by James Kirkwood Jr. and Nicholas Dante
Music and Lyrics by Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban
Directed by Matthew Gardiner
Choreographed by Denis Jones

MAX Stage: LORT B scale
1st Rehearsal: October 1, 2019
Running: October 29 – January 5, 2020
Possible Extension: N/A
All parts to be understudied.


[ZACH]: Male, late 30s+. The director and choreographer of the show for which the dancers are auditioning. He is a stage veteran and can be curt and harsh, but is revealed to be a caring and empathetic man who truly grows to care about the dancers. Non-singing, but should have movement ability. Still has strong feelings for Cassie, loves what he does, fights for what he wants and what he believes in.

[LARRY]: Male. Tenor. 25+. Zach’s assistant who teaches and demonstrates the audition dances. Needs to be an incredible dancer, as he is the standard to which all of the auditioning dancers are held- he sets the bar for the dancers in the audition room.

[AL DELUCA]: Male. Baritone. 25+. From the Bronx. Street tough, macho, and newly married to Kristine; very protective. Seeking a strong singer, as he is the contrast to the non-singing Kristine in “Sing.” Talented dancer and singer, very protective of his wife and loves her deeply.

[BEBE BENZENHEIMER]: Female. Mezzo. 18-25. Very insecure about her looks and tries to be funny to cover her insecurities. Feels a little excluded but just wants to be liked. She is quiet, vulnerable and kind. Sings the middle harmony in “At the Ballet.” An insecure girl and struggles to see the beauty in herself. Makes jokes to cover her self-doubt. Dancing is her escape from her insecurity.

[BOBBY MILLS]: Male. Baritone. 25+. Flamboyant, funny, bitchy, and witty. Very sharp tongued. Covers everything over with a joke; had a very hard childhood. From upstate New York. Not afraid to speak his mind. Blunt. Quick witted.

[CASSIE FERGUSON]: Female. Mezzo belt. 30-35. Returning to the chorus after years of being a featured performer. She is having to humble herself to audition for the chorus again with younger and less experienced dancers. Seeking a true triple threat performer, as she sings and dances the iconic “The Music and the Mirror.” Wants to work again and do what she loves. Has a history of a relationship with Zach which makes the audition emotionally challenging. She is an incredible dancer and stands out in the ensemble. Willing to be in the chorus for a job.

[CONNIE WONG]: Female. Alto. Experienced dancer. Married. Born in Chinatown, New York. Petite. Very funny, has a lot of spunk and wishes that she could be tall. Childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina.

[DIANA MORALES]: Female. Mezzo belt. 22-30. A streetwise Latina who is a tough, and an eternal optimist. A determined and athletic dancer from the Bronx. Sings “Nothing,” in which she reveals herself to be funny, charming, and vulnerable. Struggles to find her place as an actor. She has overcome a lot of adversity in life.

[DON KERR]: Male. Baritone. Midwestern All American guy- a ladies’ man and a flirt, married, into cars, money, and women. Insecure at the core but cocky on the surface. Has worked with Zach previously.

[GREGORY GARDENER]: Male. Baritone. 25+. Sassy, Jewish, gay man. Clever, witty, a bit of a smart ass. Very East Side New York. Knows how to get a laugh.

[JUDY TURNER]: Female. Mezzo. Funny, gawky, nervous. Warm and hopeful. Very awkward except when dancing. She wants to succeed but is very uncomfortable in her own skin.

[KRISTINIE URICH]: Female. 18-25. Al’s scatter-brained wife who can’t sing. She is awkward, anxious and hilarious. She “speaks” the song “Sing,” but does sing in the ensemble numbers of the show. Awkward and honest to a fault. Incredibly loving. She is kind and willing to do anything for her husband Al. An incredible dancer.

[MAGGIE WINDSLOW]: Female. Mezzo. A sweetheart, little sister type. Dreamer. Strong dancer from California. Seeking an incredibly warm singer with a mix belt up to E natural for “At the Ballet.” A vivid imagination, she is hopeful. Girl next door.

[MARK ANTHONY]: Male. Tenor. 18. Optimistic; first-timer; naïve but charming and curious. Great

dancer and All-American kid. Obsessed with sex. New to the audition world. He is desperate to get the job, a great dancer.

[MIKE COSTA]: Male. Tenor. 20-25. Aggressive, determined, and confident, but likeable. Tap dancer who has worked with Zach before. Experienced; flirtatious. From New Jersey. Must be a strong tapper.

[PAUL SAN MARCO]: Male. Baritone. Introverted and insecure but loves performing; only now starting to feel comfortable about being gay and accepted by his parents. From NYC. Friends with Diana. Delivers a beautiful, raw and vulnerable monologue about coming out to his parents. Strong actor, dancer, singer.

[RICHIE WALTERS]: Male. Tenor. From Missouri. African-American; strong dancer, enthusiastic, cool and very funny. Likeable with killer energy.

[SHEILA BRYANT]: Female. Alto. Oldest dancer on the line. Jaded, experienced, confident yet terribly insecure, quick-witted with a biting tongue, brassy, sexy, and sophisticated. Sings the low harmony in “At the Ballet.” Should read 30.

[VAL CLARK]: Female. Mezzo belt. Sexy, sassy, funny, boasts about her plastic surgery. A brazen, direct, attention-seeker from Vermont. Sings the infamous “Dance 10, Looks 3.”

[MALE & FEMALE ENSEMBLE]: Seeking strong dancers. Seeking all types.

No advanced appointments. AEA members seen on first come, first serve basis.


Equity Performer Audition

Audition Information


Signature Theatre
4200 Campbell Ave
Arlington, VA 22206-3435

lease report to the 2nd floor lobby.

Monday, January 28, 2019
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Lunch 1 to 2


Please prepare a short monologue and a short song OR a one-minute monologue and 16 bars of a song. Auditions may not exceed 2 minutes total. Accompanist will be provided. Please bring two copies of your headshot and resume. Always bring your equity card to EPAs.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult


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