3/FIFTHS - Actors for Immersive Theater Experience


3/FIFTHS - Actors for Immersive Theater Experience

3LD Art & Technology Center
New York, NY

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3/FIFTHS - Actors for Immersive Theater Experience


3/FIFTHS is a radically interactive and immersive theatrical experience that will premiere in May 2017 at 3LD Art & Technology Center. An unflinching exploration of race and racism both contemporary and historical, 3/FIFTHS takes place in the dystopian theme park, SupremacyLand. The piece examines root causes and continued violence perpetrated against men of color, and America’s fascination with the virtual weaponization of black skin.

This is NOT an Equity production.
Principals: $400/week
Supporting: $200/week
Ensemble: $100/week
Also seeking interns. Stipend provided for interns.

Producers: 3LD Productions, Kevin Cunningham, Halle Morse, James Scruggs
Playwright: James Scruggs
Directors: Tamilla Woodard (Atrocity Carnival) and Kareem Fahmy (Cabaret)
Choreographer: André Zachery

Rehearsals start: March 27th
First Preview: May 1st
Opening: May 6th
Closing: May 28th

We are seeking brave actors to join us. All performers should be experienced and willing to perform racially charged material. There will be nudity required for some characters.
LYLE WATSON: 40-50's, African American man. A recently decarcerated felon entering into a dystopian theme park who encounters radical obstacles in his journey to initiate change. This role is cast. Actors auditioning will be considered for possible replacements.

MAMMY: 35-50’s, African American woman, large physically, a singer/mover. The overseer of a dystopian theme park, she has a winning personality as well as a sharp, evil edge. This role is cast. Actors auditioning will be considered for possible replacements.

THE GENERAL: 40’s-50’s, a white man, deeply charismatic, part Colonel Sanders, part Hitler.

BLACK MAN 1: Any age. Incarcerated man with sadistic sense of humor. Fit. Doubles as booth employee.

BLACK MAN 2: Any age. Incarcerated man with exceptional aerobic endurance; must be comfortable skipping rope. Doubles as Jim Crow (a tall slim/muscular black man with comedic timing and a fearless sense of humor).

BLACK MAN 3: Any age. Incarcerated man. Imposing. Doubles as booth employee.

MAMI WATA: 30-40’s. A very large black woman/goddess who moves well with a commanding presence. Doubles at Box Office Employee.

RONALD ADAMS: 30’s-40’s. White man. Intense, aggressive, racist. Doubles as Captain of Slave Ship. 

LEFTY LIBERAL: 20’s-30’s. White woman. Small in stature, big personality, endearing. Doubles as box office employee.

A DOCENT: Any age. White woman. Charming, sweet, innocent greeter at SupremacyLand. Doubles as booth employee.

SUPREMACYLAND EMPLOYEES: Various ages, white, black, and others, charming with huge personalities willing to engage with audience members directly and perform politically challenging material. Employees will become police chalk artists, fragility nurses, and run various carnival booths, i.e. noose making workshop, alt facts games kiosk. Dance experience a plus.

DURATIONAL ARTIST: Seeking a durational artist of any age to “perform incarceration”. Artist will be willing to live in fully equipped life size 6’x9’ jail cell built in window of 3LD and perform incarceration 24 hours a day, for the duration of the run. Artist will be released at showtime of 3/FIFTHS. Pay rate: commission.

Auditions: Friday 2/24 and Monday 2/27
Callbacks: Tuesday 2/28
Location: 3LD Art & Technology Center, 80 Greenwich St, New York, NY

You will be scheduled for a group ensemble audition, followed by a brief interview. You may be asked to stay and read from sides.

Auditions are by appointment only. Email picture and resume ASAP for consideration to email below. Mark submissions: "3/FIFTHS [Role___] Appointment Submission"


March 27, 2017 - May 28, 2017





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