Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows

Off-Broadway News   Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows Due to the expansive nature of Off-Broadway, this list is not comprehensive.

• Irish Repertory Company
• First Preview: April 12, 2017
• Opening: April 18, 2017
• Playwright: Larry Kirwin
• Director: Charlotte Moore
• Cast: Patrick Fitzgerald, Sean Gormley, John Keating , and Sarah Street

Dr. Noël Browne was elected to the Irish Parliament in the general election of 1948. Handsome, intense, arrogant, and unpredictable, he was only 33 years of age, with few political skills but a burning ambition to rid Ireland of the scourge of tuberculosis which had wiped out most of his family. Upon the introduction of his “Mother and Child Scheme”, a plan to provide free post-natal care to women and all children under the age of 16, he quickly found himself at odds with the “Man of Destiny”, party leader and ex-Irish Republican Army chief Seán McBride, and the ruthless, obsessive tactician, Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. John Charles McQuaid.

• Soho Rep
• First Preview: April 4, 2017
• Opening: April 16, 2017
• Playwright: Richard Maxwell
• Director: Sarah Benson
• Cast: Becca Blackwell, Vinie Burrows, Steve Earle, Roy Faudree, Modesto Flako Jimenez, Paul Lazar

On the fringes of the frontier, a messenger embarks on an arduous journey to collect a debt from a man he’s never met. Friends set out to atone for a mistake that can’t be undone. Strangers look for a little bit of comfort wherever they can find it. A spiritual and visceral celebration about whatever it is we call home.

Signature Theatre Company
• First Preview: April 4, 2017
• Opening: April 23, 2017
• Playwright: Annie Baker
• Director: Lila Neugebauer
• Cast: Josh Charles, Phillip James Brannon, Josh Charles, Josh Hamilton, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Danny McCarthy, Emily Cass McDonnell, Brian Miskell, Will Patton, and Nicole Rodenburg

A new play by Annie Baker. A play about people telling stories about telling stories. Pulitzer Prize-winner Annie Baker, who The New York Times has called “one of the freshest and most talented dramatists to emerge Off Broadway in the past decade,” returns for the second production of her Signature residency with The Antipodes.

• BAM/
• Opening: April 27, 2017
• Playwright: Eve Wolf
• Director: Donald T. Sanders
• Cast: Max von Essen, Peter Scolari, and Mark Evans

False arrest. Intrigue. Conspiracy. Undying love. Jewish artillery officer Captain Alfred Dreyfus was wrongfully convicted of treason and sentenced to solitary confinement on Devil’s Island in 1894. In the aftermath, France was torn apart in a seismic political clash between progressive Dreyfusards and right-wing anti-Dreyfusards that pitted friends against friends and neighbors against neighbors. The Dreyfus Affair tells a story of political passions, political will, and unswerving loyalty that resonates to this very day.

• St. Luke's Theatre
• First Preview: April 4, 2017
• Opening: May 1, 2017
• Music, book, and lyrics: Marshall Pailet
• Director: Marshall Pailet
• Cast: Ethan Slater, Brennan Caldwell, Jason Collins, Bob D'Haene, Brandon Espinoza, Joe Joseph, Olli Haaskivi, Claire Neumann, and Larisa Oleynik

Inspired by a true story, Baghdaddy is a new musical comedy, presented as a support group for people who started the Iraq War. Dark, boisterous and irreverent, the story follows a handful of mid-level spies whose vanity and office politics contributed to the worst intelligence blunder in modern history.

• Classic Stage Company
• First Preview: April 6, 2017
• Opening: May 4, 2017
• Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
• Book by John Weidnman
• Director: Lear deBessonet
• Cast: George Takei, Karl Josef Co, Marc delaCruz, Steven Eng, Megan Masako Haley, Ann Harada, Kimberly Immanuel, Austin Ku, Kelvin Moon Loh, Orville Mendoza, Marc Oka, and Thom Sesma

In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry sailed to Japan on a U.S. mission to open trade relations at any cost. Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman‘s remarkable musical tells the tale of a samurai and a fisherman who are caught up in the westernization of the East.

• Tony Kiser Theatre
• First Preview: April 14, 2017
• Opening: May 7, 2017
• Music and Lyrics by Brendan Milburn and Valerie Vigoda
• Director: Lisa Peterson
• Cast: Wade Mccollum and Valerie Vigoda

A sleep-deprived single mom and video game music composer is contacted across time by the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton. Inspired by her music, he shares his epic Antarctic journey as they struggle toward and conquer new horizons in this cross-time love affair for the ages.

• Mint Theatre Company/Beckett Theatre @ Theatre Row
• First Preview: April 14, 2017
• Opening: May 18, 2017
• Playwright: A. A. Milne
• Director: Jesse Marchese
• Cast: Paton Ashbrook, Ari Brand, Andrew Fallaize, Michael Frederic, Robert David Grant, Wynn Harmon, Cynthia Harris, Deanne Lorette, Peggy J. Scott, and Mia Hutchinson-Shaw

The Lucky One follows the rivalry between brothers Gerald and Bob. When one finds himself in serious legal trouble and the other fails to come to his rescue, years of resentment come to the surface, resulting in a long overdue confrontation.

• Pershing Square Signature Theater Center - The Diamond
• First Preview: April 25, 2017
• Opening: May 15, 2017
• Playwright: Suzan-Lori Parks
• Director: Lear deBessonet
• Cast: Hannah Cabell, John Ellison Conlee, Randy Danson, Adam Green, Birgit Huppuch, Zainab Jah, Kevin Mambo, Patrena Murray, Reynaldo Piniella, Julian Rozzell, and Tony Torn

Leaving her home in southern Africa for a better life, Saartjie Baartman became a star on the 19th Century London freak show circuit for the size of her posterior. This Obie Award-winning play gives vibrant life to the story of Baartman’s journey to London, her rise to fame as the “Hottentot Venus” and her eventual love affair with a French scientist. Inspired by the true story of Baartman, Venus is a wild carnival, bursting with humor and heart while examining the paradox of love.

• Rattlestick Theatre
• First Preview: April 26, 2017
• Opening: May 10, 2017
• Playwright: Martín Zimmerman
• Director: Weyni Mengesha
• Cast: Claudia Acosta, Sean Carvajal, Flora Diaz, Peter Jay Fernandez, Flor de Liz Perez, Rey Lucas, Cesar J. Rosado, Socorro Santiago

Set in an unnamed Central American country where a civil war changes the people who had to cope with profound violence and loss, and face the conflicts of revenge, justice, and forgiveness.

• Atlantic Theatre Company
• First Preview: April 21, 2017
• Opening: May 16, 2017
• Playwright: Andy Nyman, Derren Brown & Andrew O’Connor
• Director: Andrew O’Connor & Andy Nyman
• Cast: Derren Brown

Be part of the startling world of mind-reading, suggestion and psychological illusion at the hands of UK phenomenon, Derren Brown. This spellbinding theatrical experience challenges us – in the most jaw-dropping way – to take a closer look at the stories and beliefs that guide our lives. In the UK, Derren Brown’s critically acclaimed shows have played sold out runs in the West End and been awarded two Olivier Awards.

• Manhattan Theatre Club
• First Preview: May 16, 2017
• Opening: June 6, 2017
• Playwright: Martyna Majok
• Director: Jo Bonney
• Cast: Jolly Abraham, Gregg Mozgala, Katy Sullivan, and Victor Williams

The Cost of Living is the story of four very different people, in four very different circumstances, each trying to get by. Eddie, an unemployed truck driver, reunites with his ex-wife Ani after she suffers a devastating accident. John, a brilliant and witty doctoral student, hires over-worked Jess, a caregiver. As their lives intersect, Majok’s play delves into the chasm between abundance and need and explores the space where bodies — abled and disabled — meet each other.

• Vineyard Theatre Company
• First Preview: May 4 2017
• Opening: May 23, 2017
• Playwright: Gina Gionfriddo
• Director: Peter DuBois
• Cast: Amber Tamblyn, Ella Dershowitz, Darren Pettie, Frank Wood

Ms. Gionfriddo’s play is set on Halloween and Miranda is desperate for a way out. She’s drowning in debt, may be falling for her sugar daddy, and is on the run from her date who has threatened to kill her. When she meets Graham and Tanya, a door opens, for all of them… but is what’s beyond a treat or a trick?

• New York Theatre Workshop
• First Preview: April 22, 2017
• Opening: May 16, 2017
• Playwright: Mfoniso Udofia
• Director: Ed Sylvanus Iskandar
• Cast: Chinasa Ogbuagu, Jenny Jules, Lakisha Michelle May, Hubert Point-Du Jour, and Chinaza Uche

In Sojourners, a young, pregnant Abasiama struggles within her arranged marriage and with a husband who is obsessed with 1970s American culture. Determined to complete her university degree, she weighs her dreams and obligations as she attempts to move forward. Decades later, the full impact of her decision comes to the surface when Abasiama’s family is reunited in Her Portmanteau. In the following play in The Ufot Cycle, Nigerian traditions clash with the realities of American life, and Abasiama and her daughters must confront complex familial legacies that span time, geography, language, and culture. Both plays are chapters of Mfoniso Udofia's nine-part saga The Ufot Cycle, which chronicles the life of the tenacious matriarch of a Nigerian family.

• Theatre for a New Audience
• First Preview: April 23, 2017
• Opening: April 30, 2017
• Playwright: Samuel Beckett
• Director: James Bundy
• Cast: Diane Wiest and Jarlath Conroy

The tale of Winnie and Willie, surviving life in a harsh, forsaken world. With Willie by her side, Winnie performs banal yet strangely touching rituals of everyday life with a painstaking optimism that both relieves and imprisons her.

• York Theatre Company/Theatre at St. Peter's
• First Preview: April 25, 2017
• Opening: May 4, 2017
• Music: Dan Martin and Michael Biello, Jennifer Robbins
• Director: Bill Castellino
• Cast: Ben Chavez, Morgan Cowling, Jesse Manocherian, Claire Saunders, Robin Skye, David Spadora, and Lenny Wolpe

A romantic comedy is set in New York’s East Village about two adults who need help cutting parental ties. A story of family loyalty, marriage, love, food, and finding your way in life.

• MCC Theater
• First Preview: May 18, 2017
• Opening: June 5, 2017
• Playwright: Matthew Perry
• Director: Lindsay Posner
• Cast: Matthew Perry, Jennifer Morrison, Quincy Dunn-Baker, and Sue Jean Kim

Meet Jack, Stephanie, Joseph and Stevie: four lost souls, entering their forties and searching for meaning. After sharing one raucous night together in a downtown Los Angeles bar, their lives become irreversibly entwined in a rollercoaster journey that forces them to confront the darker sides of their relationships.

• St. Ann's Warehouse
• First Preview: May 3, 2017
• Opening: May 7, 2017
• Playwright: Enda Walsh
• Director: Jamie Vartan
• Cast: TBA

A waiting room, inside a tower: Isla waits for her number to be called. A young woman finally understands her fate. And a young man faces a stark decision. In a bleak and terrifying world that “echoes Orwell’s 1984” (The Guardian), Enda Walsh and the creative design team behind Misterman and The Last Hotel dare to imagine a strange and tender love story.

• The New Group/Pershing Square Signature Theatre
• First Preview: May 2, 2017
• Opening: May 21, 2017
• Playwright: Hamish Linklater
• Director: Scott Elliott
• Cast: Norbert Leo Butz, Zosia Mamet, Dolly Wells, Noah Bean, Jon DeVries, Alex Hurt, Jonny Orsini, and Grace Van Patten

When, after much time away, Kristina is back in Berkshire County, word spreads fast that she and her ex-husband are caring for their estranged, ailing daughter Julie. Broken-hearted and giddy with love and confusion, surprising visitors from Julie's complicated past, including her childhood best friend Trish and her former drug dealer, practically trip over each other to reach the young woman they thought they'd lost years before but still feel so deeply connected to. Heartfelt and compassionate, Hamish Linklater's The Whirligig spins a tale of a fractured community weaving a circuitous route back to one another.

• New World Stages
• Opening: May 21, 2017
• Playwright: Robert Schenkkan
• Director: Ari Adelson
• Cast: James Badge Dale and Tamara Tunie

It’s the very near future, and the Trump administration has carried out his campaign promise to round up and detain millions of immigrants. Now, a writer interviews the supervisor of a private prison as he awaits sentencing for carrying out the federal policy that has escalated into the unimaginable. This riveting, harrowing and illuminating drama delivers a powerful warning and puts a human face on the inhuman, revealing how when personal accountability is denied, what seems inconceivable becomes inevitable.

• Playwrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater
• First Preview: May 19, 2017
• Opening: May 31, 2017
• Playwright: Kirsten Childs
• Director: Robert O'Hara
• Cast: Marinda Anderson, Yurel Echezarreta, Brandon Gill, Olli Haaskivi, Ashley D. Kelley, Kevin Massey, Jo’nathan Michael, Kenita R. Miller, Paolo Montalban, Gabrielle Reyes, Britton Smith and Natasha Yvette Williams

All aboard for a Western musical adventure the likes of which you’ve never experienced. As a wanted woman of mythic proportions looks to begin life anew out west, Bella takes us on the trip of a lifetime to escape her scandalous past and bounce into the arms of her awaiting Buffalo Soldier. Rowdy, wild, and hilarious, Kirsten Childs (Bubbly Black Girl…) infuses this tall tale with soulful tunes and madcap antics aplenty. Giddy-up to our get-down!

• The Public Theater/Delacorte Theater
• First Preview: TBD
• Opening: May 23, 2017
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Oskar Eustis
• Cast: Tina Benko, Teagle F. Bougere, Eisa Davis, Robert Gilbert, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Gregg Henry, Edward James Hyland, Nikki M. James, Christopher Livingston, Elizabeth Marvel, Chris Myers, Corey Stoll, John Douglas Thompson, and Natalie Woolams-Torres

In William Shakespeare's tragedy of political ambition, corruption and betrayal, Roman senators Brutus and Cassius lead a group effort to assassinate the powerful Julius Caesar, then battle with Mark Antony over control of the state.

• Red Bull Theatre @ the Duke on 42nd Street
• First Preview: May 16, 2017
• Opening: June 1, 2017
• Playwright: Nikolai Gogol, adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher
• Director: Jesse Berger
• Cast: Michael Uri, Arnie Burton, Bruce Dow, Ryan Garbayo, Stephen DeRosa, Kelly Hutchinson, David Manis, Michael McGrath, Ben Mehl, Talene Monahon, Luis Moreno, James Rana, Mary Lou Rosato, Mary Testa

A well-dressed wanderer comes upon a small Russian town, where he is mistaken for a government inspector. He is able to swindle the town residents and politicians who want him to keep their own corruption quiet, in Nikolai Gogol's 1836 play.

Atlantic Theater Company Stage 2
• First Preview: May 24, 2017
• Opening: June 6, 2017
• Playwright: Clare Lizzimore
• Director: Gaye Taylor Upchurch
• Cast: Rebecca Hall, Kristin Griffith, Greg Keller, David Pegram, Morgan Spector, and Fina Strazza

Rachel has it all: marriage, a house, and her career. Until she suddenly has a creeping feeling, and then the visions begin. Animal is about the underside of domesticity, the complexity of the brain in chaos, and the thin line between sinking and survival.

• LCT3/The Claire Tow Theater
• First Preview: June 3, 2017
• Opening: June 19, 2017
• Playwright: Concept: Zach Morris, Jennine Willett
• Director: Zach Morris
• Cast: Rebecca Hall

LCT3/Lincoln Center Theater’s Claire Tow Theater will be transformed by Third Rail Projects for the immersive theatre company’s show Ghost Light. The site-specific show will pay tribute to the magic of theatre by inviting audiences to discover unseen corners of the Claire Tow space in a series of real and dreamlike landscapes. Ghost Light is a benevolent haunting that reflects on the smoke and mirrors, superstitions, and stage magic that conjure the mystique of the theatre.

• Manhattan Theatre Club - Stage II
• First Preview: June 6, 2017
• Opening: June 20, 2017
• Playwright: Abe Koogler
• Directed by Daniel Aukin
• Cast: Deirdre O’Connell

In the New Mexico desert, a down-on-her-luck folk singer takes a job at a giant online retailer's shipping center. Her young manager struggles to connect with his girlfriend newly relocated from New York. And a drifter living at a local campground dangerously links them all.

• The Public Theater/Anspacher Theatre
• First Preview: June 20, 2017
• Opening: July 13, 2017
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Directed by Sam Gold
• Cast: Oscar Isaac, Roberta Colindrez, Peter Friedman, Keegan-Michael Key, Gayle Rankin, Matthew Saldívar, and Anatol Yusef

Hamlet, a Danish prince, discovers that his uncle Claudius murdered his father and took the throne; Hamlet's mother has married the usurper. Shakespeare's tragedy of betrayal and revenge is considered among the greatest plays in the English language.

• The Cherry Lane Theatre
• First Preview: June 7, 2017
• Opening: June 22, 2017
• Playwright: Horton Foote
• Directed by Austin Pendleton
• Cast: Karen Ziemba, Larry Bull, Lynn Cohen, Angelina Fiordellisi, Jean Lichty, George Morfogen, Ron Piretti, PJ Sosko, Jill Tanner

Georgette Thomas has spent the past six years waiting obediently for her husband to be released from prison. As his release date draws near, Georgette must travel to the small Texas town where he is being held – a journey that will force her to come to terms with her own expectations of love and loyalty.

• The Public Theater/Delacorte Theatre
• First Preview: TBD
• Opening: July 11, 2017
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Directed by Lear deBessonet
• Cast: TBA

William Shakespeare's comedy brings together a group of star-crossed lovers, an inept band of actors led by the pompous Bottom, and the king and queen of the fairies and their impish henchman Puck, who creates romantic and comic havoc for all.

• Second Stage Theatre
• First Preview: Summer 2017
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Bruce Norris
• Director: Michael Greif
• Cast: TBA

• Second Stage Theatre
• First Preview: May 23, 2017
• Opening: June 6, 2017
• Playwright: Chisa Hutchinson
• Director: May Adrales
• Cast: Vanessa Kai, Collin Kelly-Sordelet, Michelle Heera Kim, Rodney Richardson, David Shih, and Jenna Yi

Alex, a 15-year-old Asian-American girl, is desperate for her mother’s attention—except her mother wishes she were a boy. She finds a sympathetic ear in Kate, her guidance counselor who knows what Alex is going through from personal experience. As three generations of women find their identity in question, each needs to decide who makes the rules and what happens when you break them.

• Pershing Square Signature Center
• First Preview: 2017-18 Season
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Suzan-Lori Parks
• Director: Jo Bonney
• Cast: TBA

Remixing The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s seminal masterpiece, The Red Letter Plays tear open notions of gender and hypocrisy with poetic honesty and exhilarating wit. In the Blood’s Hester La Negrita is a penniless mother of five condemned by the very men who loved her. Fucking A’s Hester Smith is an abortionist, forced to ply her trade to save her own son. Performed together for the first time, with a shared cast and director, the two plays form a thrilling and powerful indictment of American society.

• Pearl Theatre
• First Preview: TBD
• Opening: TBD
• Playwright: Eugene Ionesco
• Director: Hal Brooks
• Cast: TBA

When friends and countrymen transform one by one into green-skinned snorting rhinos, a thoroughly modern couch potato anti-hero becomes humanity's last hope.