Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows

Off-Broadway News   Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows
Due to the expansive nature of Off-Broadway, this list is not comprehensive.
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• Playwrights Horizons/Peter Jay Sharp Theater
• First Preview: August 23, 2019
• Opening: September 16, 2019
• Playwright: Jaclyn Backhaus
• Director: Margot Bordelon
• Cast: Purva Bedi, Aadya Bedi, Sathya Sridharan, and Adina Verson

From the brawny castles of 16th Century France, to the rugged plains of 1960s Idaho, to the strapping fortresses of 1920s India, all hail the remarkable stories of Great Men! — and their whiny, witchy, vapid, vengeful, jealous wives. In this kaleidoscopic, time-hopping comedy, Jaclyn Backhaus pushes past patriarchal cliché to reach an ecstatic breakthrough, untethering stories and history — and language itself — from the visions made by men.

• Theatre One @ Theatre Row
• First Preview: September 3, 2019
• Opening: September 24, 2019
• Playwright: George Bernard Shaw
• Director: David Staller
• Cast: Jeff Applegate, Brenda Braxton, Rajesh Bose, Robert Cuccioli, Dan Dominques, Jonathan Hadley, and Teresa Avia Lim

In George Bernard Shaw’s epic comedy Caesar & Cleopatra, two of history’s most notoriously clever and sexually charged characters meet and change each other and the world around them. Julius Caesar conquers Egypt and becomes mentor to the young Cleopatra, who is determined to become the queen of legend we all know.

• New York Theatre Workshop
• First Preview: September 4, 2019
• Opening: September 23, 2019
• Playwright: Mfoniso Udofia
• Director: Loretta Greco and Awoye Timpo
• Cast: Ron Canada, Karl Green, Chiké Johnson, Patrice Johnson, Adrianna K. Mitchell, Adesola Osakalumi, and Zenzi Williams

Set in the family’s present-day Worcester home and 1968 Nigeria, runboyrunand In Old Age pose questions about how to move forward when the past inhabits your very foundation. In runboyrun, Disciple and Abasiama Ufot have been living the same day over and over again for decades until the dam breaks and time rushes forward while also reeling backwards. They must uncover years of memories and cross great distances to find each other and unearth the roots of their marriage. In Old Age follows Abasiama far into the future as she learns the true nature of love just as life takes a new turn.

• Atlantic Theater Company/Linda Gross Theater
• First Preview: September 4, 2019
• Opening: September 23, 2019
• Playwright: Jack Thorne
• Director: Lee Sunday Evans
• Cast: Juliana Canfield, Ruby Frankel, Maurice Jones, Zane Pais, Sadie Scott, and Christian Strange

There is a moment when you want to look ahead to the future, but the past is eating you whole. In Sunday, friends gather for a book group, anxious to prove their intellectual worth, but that anxiety gets the better of any actual discussion as emotional truths come pouring out.

• 59E59 Theater A
• First Preview: September 10, 2019
• Opening: September 19, 2019
• Playwright: Michael Tucker
• Director: Nadia Tass
• Cast: Mark Linn-Baker, Mark Blum, Jill Eikenberry, John Glover, Jodi Long, and Ellen Parker

Three couples in their golden years, thick as thieves, are gathered at Sunny and Jer's farmhouse to celebrate milestone birthdays that span three decades. The foundation of their long friendship is honesty and support – as well as a commitment to the enjoyment of food, wine and laughter. They're so close that Sunny suggests that they all move in together—to live and work and assist one another as they grow older. Their companionship is put to the test, however, when a marital betrayal is discovered. The bonds of loyalty and truth are explored in this mature comedy.

• Irish Repertory Studio Theatre
• First Preview: September 11, 2019
• Opening: September 22, 2019
• Playwright: Robin Glendinning
• Director: Kent Paul
• Cast: Sean Gormley and Haskell King

It’s 1948 when Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty first visits the infamous Nazi Herbert Kappler in the Italian prison where Kappler is serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity. During World War II, the men were adversaries; Kappler was the head of the Gestapo in German-occupied Rome, and Monsignor O’Flaherty was using the cover of Vatican neutrality to shelter and arrange for the escape of thousands of Allied servicemen and Jewish civilians. Kappler placed a bounty on O’Flaherty’s head, but O’Flaherty evaded capture, earning the nickname “The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican.” When these two men meet after the war, profound questions of responsibility and redemption rattle the cages.

• McGinn/Cazale Theatre
• First Preview: September 11, 2019
• Opening: September 24, 2019
• Playwright: Alexis Scheer
• Director: Whitney White
• Cast: Carmen Berkeley, Daniel Duque-Estrada, Alyssa May Gold, Rebecca Jimenez, and Malika Samuel

A gang of teenage girls gathers in an abandoned treehouse to summon the ghost of Pablo Escobar. Are they messing with the actual spirit of the infamous cartel kingpin? Or are they really just messing with each other? A rollercoaster ride through the danger and damage of girlhood – the teenage wasteland has never been so much twisted fun.

• The Barrow Group Mainstage
• First Preview: September 13, 2019
• Opening: September 16, 2019
• Playwright: Martin Moran
• Director: Seth Barrish
• Cast: Martin Moran

Martin Moran should have more rage about the crime he experienced as a boy, shouldn’t he!? Where is it!? Haunted by this question, Martin sets out on a quest that leads him around the globe—working as a translator for an African asylum-seeker, who was subjected to torture; encountering his stepmother in Colorado; getting lost in South Africa; and uncovering truths at the Cradle of Human Kind. With equal parts honesty and entertainment, All The Rage attempts to solve an ancient human riddle: How is it that one moment we might reach out in compassion and the next…kill?

• Playwrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater
• First Preview: September 13, 2019
• Opening: October 7, 2019
• Playwright: Will Arbery
• Director: Danya Taymor
• Cast: Jeb Kreager, Julia McDermott, Michele Pawk, Zoë Winters, and John Zdrojeski

It’s nearing midnight in Wyoming, where four young conservatives have gathered at a backyard after-party. They’ve returned home to toast their mentor Gina, newly inducted as president of a tiny Catholic college. But as their reunion spirals into spiritual chaos and clashing generational politics, it becomes less a celebration than a vicious fight to be understood. On a chilly night in the middle of America, Will Arbery’s haunting play offers grace and disarming clarity, speaking to the heart of a country at war with itself.

• The Duke on 42nd Street
• First Preview: September 13, 2019
• Opening: September 25, 2019
• Playwright: Anna Moench
• Director: Robert Ross Parker
• Cast: Maechi Aharanwa, Jasmine Batchelor, Satomi Blair, Tina Chilip, and Max Gordon Moore

The moms at Mommy-Baby Meetup are used to competing — whoever's the most devoted to her family, has the best-behaved child, and the most satisfied husband wins. But as the chaos of the outside world encroaches on their turf, passive-aggression falls by the wayside, and each mom will have to decide just how much she loves her child.

Roundabout Theatre Company - Laura Pels Theatre
• First Preview: September 14, 2019
• Opening: October 15, 2019
• Book: Michael Mitnick
• Music and Lyrics: Adam Gwon
• Director: Lonny Price
• Choreographer: Josh Rhodes
• Cast: Jeb Brown, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Taylor Iman Jones, Lacretta, Megan Lawrence, Ryan McCartan, Will Meyers, Wonu Ogunfowora, David Rossmer, Alysha Umphress, and Kaleb Wells

This deliciously dark musical comedy, based on the cult film (and the bard's Macbeth), springs to life in a sleepy Pennsylvania town (population 1,203—and dropping), where a burger-joint manager and his wife cook up a plan to super-size their lives. As their ambitions grow and the bodies fall, the couple finds out just how far they’ll go for a taste of the oh-so-tempting American dream.

• Westside Theatre Upstairs
• First Preview: September 17, 2019
• Opening: October 17, 2019
• Book and Lyrics: Howard Ashman
• Music: Alan Menken
• Director: Michael Mayer
• Choreographer: Ellenore Scott
• Cast: Jonathan Groff, Tammy Blanchard, Christian Borle, Tom Alan Robbins, Kingsley Leggs, Ari Groover, Salome Smith, and Joy Woods

Seymour is a down-on-his-luck florist with a crush on his co-worker Audrey. When he discovers a mysterious – and voracious – plant, suddenly Seymour and Audrey are thrust into an epic battle that will determine the fate of the entire human race.

• Manhattan Theatre Club - Stage II
• First Preview: September 17, 2019
• Opening: October 2, 2019
• Playwright: Jeff Augustin
• Director: Saheem Ali
• Cast: Teagle F. Bougere, Patrick Breen, Crystal Finn, Javier Muñoz, Uly Schlesinger, and Kara Young

Can you ever really live the life you envisioned? In a mixed race family, a teenaged daughter and her dads are each trying to find happiness. Eisa wants to be the next Lauryn Hill and is struggling to break free of her sleepy New England town where she feels hopelessly trapped. Her fathers are each being pulled in different directions of their own, one trying to re-connect with an old love, the other clinging to the path he always believed would be their future.

• The Triad
• Opening: September 18, 2019
• Book and Lyricst: Gerard Alessandrini
• Director: Gerard Alessandrini
• Choreographer: Gerry McIntyre
• Cast: Immanuel Houston, Aline Mayagoitia, Chris Collins-Pisano, Jenny Lee Stern, Joshua Turchin, and Fred Barton on piano

It’s been five long years since 2014, when Forbidden Broadway wound up its most recent New York run. But Tony Award-Winning parodist Gerard Alessandrini is back, with a hilarious, all-new, up-to-the-minute edition—Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation. The show comically and musically eviscerates Hadestown, Moulin Rouge, Tootsie, Beetlejuice, this season’s Oklahoma! revival, The Ferryman, the Yiddish Fiddler on the Roof, The Cher Show, Dear Evan Hansen, Frozen, What the Constitution Means to Me, and the new generation of Broadway stars including Ben Platt, Santino Fontana, Billy Porter, Alex Brightman and exciting returns by Bette Midler, Andre de Shields, Bernadette Peters, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and several surprises.

• The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space/Newman Mills Theater
• First Preview: September 18, 2019
• Opening: October 7, 2019
• Book, Music, and Lyrics: Ross Golan
• Director: Thomas Kail
• Choreographer: Travis Wall
• Cast: Joshua Henry, Ciara Renée, Ryan Vasquez, Anoop Desai, Tilly Evans-Krueger, Malik Kitchen, Libby Lloyd, Amber Pickens, Kyle Robinson, Debbie Christine Tjong, and Julius Williams

The wrong man meets the wrong woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. Set in Reno, Nevada, The Wrong Man is the story of Duran, a man just scraping by who is framed for a murder he didn’t commit, told through poetic lyrics and haunting melodies.

• New World Stages Stage II
• First Preview: September 19, 2019
• Opening: September 28, 2019
• Playwright: Katsura Sunshine
• Cast: Katsura Sunshine

With a minimal set, Katsura Sunshine's Rakugo features a lone storyteller dressed in kimono, kneeling on a cushion, using only a fan and a hand towel for props, entertaining the audience with a comic monologue followed by a traditional story.

• Minetta Lane Theatre
• Opening: September 19, 2019
• Book, Music, and Lyrics: Tom Morello
• Cast: Tom Morello

In an electrifying musical narrative, Tom Morello will share his moving personal story that reveals the making of a committed activist and one of the elite guitar virtuosos of our time.

• Irish Repertory Theatre
• First Preview: September 20, 2019
• Opening: October 1, 2019
• Playwright: Conor McPherson
• Director: Ciarán O’Reilly
• Cast: Jeffrey Bean, Cillian Hegarty, and Sarah Street

John Plunkett is haunted by memories of a shameful past and shattered life. On Christmas Eve, an unexpected visit from his estranged daughter, Mary, forces John to confront his demons and grapple with his chance at redemption.

• Theatre for a New Audience @ Polonsky Shakespeare Center
• First Preview: September 21, 2019
• Opening: September 26, 2019
• Playwrights and Directors: Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne
• Cast: Hayley Carmichael, Kathryn Hunter, and Marcello Magni

Why theatre? What is it for? What is it about? Why? takes these questions, and many others, on a journey that is both dramatic and joyful. The piece allows us to discover that we are not alone in asking these questions and that many great theatre practitioners have been inspired by the exploration of these questions.

• The Public Theater/Newman Theater
• First Preview: September 24, 2019
• Opening: October 15, 2019
• Book and Lyrics: David Henry Hwang
• Music, and Additional Lyrics: Jeanine Tesori
• Director: Leigh Silverman
• Choreographer: Sam Pinkleton
• Cast: Billy Bustamante, Jon Hoche, Kendyl Ito, Francis Jue, Austin Ku, Raymond J. Lee, Alyse Alan Louis, Jaygee Macapugay, Daniel May, Paul HeeSang Miller, Kristen Faith Oei, Geena Quintos, Conrad Ricamora, Trevor Salter, Kyra Smith, Emily Stillings, Emily Trumble, and John Yi

Soft Power is an exploration of America's current place in the world, told through an East-West musical from China's point of view, in which a theater producer from Shanghai forges a powerful bond with Hillary Clinton. Soft Power is a fever dream of modern American politics amidst global conversations, asking us all – why do we love democracy? And should we?

• The American Theatre of Actors’ Sargent Theatre
• First Preview: September 25, 2019
• Opening: September 27, 2019
• Book: C. Stephen Foster and Rod Damer
• Music and Lyrics: Chuck Pelletier
• Director: Jessica Jennings
• Cast: Corbin Williams, Eli LaCroix, Sami Staitman, and Ariana Valdes

The Green Room takes us to a college theatre green room where a group of friends dream of being … NOT on Broadway … but Off-Broadway! John, Cliff, Anna and Divonne live out complicated lives in their college theatre department. At times, hilarious and heartwarming, but always enlightening and even alarming, this concept musical gives an account of the struggles in finding their place in this 21st Century world.

• Minetta Lane Theatre
• Opening: September 26, 2019
• Playwright: Diane Nyad
• Director: Jane Anderson
• Cast: Diane Nyad and Bonnie Stoll

At the age of 64, legendary athlete Diana Nyad inspired the world when she walked onto the shores of Key West after "crossing the Mt. Everest of the earth's oceans," becoming the first person in history to make the 111-mile swim from Cuba to Florida without the assistance of a shark cage. In her riveting new play The Swimmer, Nyad shares the heartbreaking setbacks, brushes with death and the victories that kept her going, plunging the audience into the depths of her extraordinary journey.

• 59E59 Theater C
• First Preview: September 27, 2019
• Opening: October 6, 2019
• Playwright: Liba Vaynberg
• Director: Geordie Broadwater
• Cast: Matthew Bovee, Craig Wesley Divino, Karl Gregory, Sharina Martin, and Liba Vaynberg

Zach is a medieval scholar and devotee of LARP (Live Action Role Playing); Laura ghost-writes romance novels. They meet at the crossroads of the competing realities they create and live in. Round Table is a comedy about pretending to be what you already are.

• York Theatre at Saint Peter's
• First Preview: September 28, 2019
• Opening: September 29, 2019
• Book: Liba Vaynberg
• Book Adaptation: Tommy Krasker and Evans Haile
• Music and Lyrics: Cole Porter
• Director: Evans Haile
• Cast: TBD

The year is 1929, the month is June. It's the season when all the Americans invade Paris--and all the Parisians leave town. This classic boy-meets-girl musical set in the city of love introduced the world to such memorable Cole Porter favorites as “You Do Something to Me,” “You’ve Got That Thing,” and “The Tale of the Oyster.”

• Manhattan Theatre Club - Stage I
• First Preview: October 1, 2019
• Opening: October 22, 2019
• Playwright: Harvey Fierstein
• Director: Kimberly Senior
• Cast: Harvey Fierstein

From the words and works of New York City’s very own political firebrand, Bella Abzug, comes this raucous, heart-rending and absurdly humorous solo show. Set in 1976, on the eve of her bid to become New York State’s first female Senator, Bella Bella finds this larger-than-life, truth-slinging, groundbreaking, hat-wearing icon squirreled away in the bathroom of a midtown hotel awaiting that night’s election results while a coterie of family and celebs await her entrance.

• Ensemble Studio Theatre
• First Preview: October 2, 2019
• Opening: October 10, 2019
• Playwright: Catya McMullen
• Director: Giovanna Sardelli
• Cast: Quincy Dunn-Baker, Layla Khoshnoudi, Diana Oh, Claire Siebers, and JD Taylor

Gretchen, Emma and Whitney are thirty. They've been friends since they were teenagers. They've been sober since they were teenagers. As they set off on a road trip south--with homemade female urination devices, too much pie, ill-advised sexual escapades--to celebrate and mourn a figure from their past, Georgia Mertching is Dead reveals what it's like to face adulthood and death after growing up weird and possibly broken.

• Vineyard Theatre
• First Preview: October 3, 2019
• Opening: October 22, 2019
• Playwright and Director: Tina Satter
• Cast: Emily C. Davis, Becca Blackwell, Pete Simpson, and TL Thompson

A true story, still unfolding. June 3, 2017. A 25-year-old former Air Force linguist named Reality Winner is surprised at her home by the FBI, interrogated, and then charged with leaking evidence of Russian interference in U.S elections. Reality remains in jail with a record-breaking sentence. The FBI transcript of her interrogation is the heart of Is This a Room, in which an extraordinary human drama unfolds between the complex and witty Reality, and the agents who question her.

• The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space/Susan & Ronald Frankel Theater
• First Preview: October 3, 2019
• Opening: October 28, 2019
• Playwright: Theresa Rebeck
• Director: Moritz von Stuelpnagel
• Cast: W. Tré Davis, Raúl Esparza, David Mason, and Krysta Rodriguez

Brilliant, hot-headed chef Harry scores a mention in a food magazine with his signature scallops, and his business partner Mike finally sees profits within reach. The only problem, Harry refuses to recreate his masterpiece for the masses. Mix in a shrewd restaurant consultant and a waiter with dreams of his own and it all goes to hell in this hilarious and insightful new play that asks us to consider where art ends and commerce begins.

• 59E59 Theater B
• Opening: October 4, 2019
• Playwright: Sean Daniels
• Director: Sheryl Kaller
• Cast: Joe Tapper

Steven is on top of the world: he’s married, has good friends, and is steps away from his dream job running one of the hottest theaters in the country. He also happens to be an alcoholic spinning out of control. Follow his life from first sip to first love, critical hit to critical care, all the way to rock bottom, where he carves an unusual path to sobriety. The White Chip is a wry and wild theatrical journey to recovery.

• Lincoln Center Theater/Claire Tow Theater
• First Preview: October 5, 2019
• Opening: October 21, 2019
• Playwright: Sylvia Khoury
• Director: Tyne Rafaeli
• Cast: Peter Ganim, Darius Homayoun, Ali Lopez-Sohaili, and Dina Shihabi

Yasmin, a young Syrian refugee, spends her days tethered to an electric power strip in a Greek refugee camp. Once a middle-class student in Aleppo whose life was dictated by the expectations of men, her sheltered existence has been shattered by a brutal civil war. In the war-torn world of the refugee camp, Yasmin finds that she must betray everything she once knew and valued in order to survive.

• Fourth Street Theatre
• First Preview: October 6, 2019
• Opening: October 13, 2019
• Playwright: Andy Bragen
• Director: Knud Adams
• Cast: Caroline Lagerfelt and Ari Fliakos

Late at night, while his baby daughter sleeps, a son makes notes on his mother’s daily life and scenes from their complicated relationship. He is shaping a play, and a perspective. Two blocks away, his mother naps, and smokes, and reads, and drinks coffee. She is shaping her existence within encroaching confines. This New York story asks how we come to know one another as parents and as children. How do we care for those we love, and what does it take to live with – and without – them?

• The Public Theater/Martinson Hall
• First Preview: October 8, 2019
• Opening: October 22, 2019
• Playwright: Ntozake Shange
• Director: Leah C. Gardiner
• Choreographer: Camille A. Brown
• Cast: Jocelyn Bioh, Celia Chevalier, Danaya Esperanza, Jayme Lawson, Adrienne C. Moore, Okwui Okpokwasili, and Alexandria Wailes

Filled with passion, humor, and raw honesty, legendary playwright/poet Ntozake Shange’s form-changing choreopoem tells the stories of seven women of color using poetry, song, and movement. With unflinching honesty and emotion, each woman voices her survival story of having to exist in a world shaped by sexism and racism.

• Theatre Five @ Theatre Row
• First Preview: October 8, 2019
• Opening: October 23, 2019
• Playwright: Brian Friel
• Director: Jonathan Silverstein
• Cast: Paul O’Brien, Pamela Sabaugh, and Tommy Schrider

Having lost her sight at infancy, Molly Sweeney knows the world through touch, sound, taste, and smell. When her hopeful husband and ambitious doctor propose an operation to restore her sight, Molly and those around her begin to understand that things may not all be as they appear.

• Theatre at St. Clement's
• First Preview: October 8, 2019
• Opening: October 21, 2019
• Book: Jess Carson
• Music and Lyrics: Mike Squillante
• Director: NJ Agwuna
• Choreographer: Josue Jasmin
• Cast: Gary Busey, Mike Squillante, Kim Steele, Evan Maltby, Ben Bogen, Lili Thomas, and Charles West

Before they were enemies, they were co-workers. Jesus and Lucifer never saw eye-to-eye, but when an extreme case of creative differences gets the best of them, all hell breaks loose...literally. A hilarious new musical of biblical proportions, Only Human shakes up heaven with kick-ass pop rock tunes and corporate attire.

• Classic Stage Company/Lynn F. Angelson Theater
• First Preview: October 10, 2019
• Opening: October 27, 2019
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: John Doyle
• Cast: Barzin Akhavan, Raffi Barsoumian, Nadia Bowers, N’Jameh Camara, Erik Lochtefeld, Mary Beth Peil, Corey Stoll, Antonio Michael Woodard, and Jade Wu

A terrifyingly prophetic tale of revenge, murder, and madness, Macbeth ominously traces the fallout when the darkest side of humanity cheats its way into a position of power. Often referred to as “The Scottish Play” by superstitious theatergoers due to the purported witchcraft found within its text, Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest, scariest, and yet, most popular tragedies.

• Daryl Roth Theatre
• First Preview: October 12, 2019
• Opening: November 7, 2019
• Book: Erica Schmidt
• Music: Aaron Dessner and Bryce Dessner
• Lyrics: Matt Berninger and Carin Besser
• Director: Erica Schmidt
• Choreographer: Jeff and Rick Kuperman
• Cast: Ritchie Coster, Josh A. Dawson, Peter Dinklage, Hillary Fisher, Christopher Gurr, Blake Jenner, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Nehal Joshi, Grace McLean, Erika Olson, and Scott Stangland

A raw and transporting new version of the classic tale of unrequited love and ghostwritten letters, Cyrano tells the story of a proud man who, believing himself unlovable, agrees to woo the woman he loves for another.

• York Theatre at Saint Peter's
• First Preview: October 12, 2019
• Opening: October 13, 2019
• Book: Ben Bagley
• Music and Lyrics: Cole Porter
• Director: Pamela Hunt
• Cast: TBD

This irreverent musical journey travels the globe through an array of gems from the vast Porter canon, both familiar and forgotten. The "world" under scrutiny is that between 1919 and 1945 when, indeed, some considerable declining and falling went on. Unfortunately (but fortunately for us), it's just as relevant now as it was over fifty years ago. As Porter wrote,"times have changed, and we've often rewound the clock"-- and here we are doing it again.

• SoHo Repertory Theater
• First Preview: October 14, 2019
• Opening: October 27, 2019
• Playwright: Zawe Ashton
• Director: Whitney White
• Cast: Stephanie Berry, Gibson Frazier, Sharon Hope, Nicole Lewis, Blasina Olowe, Cherene Snow, Bisserat Tseggai, Shay Vawn, and Kat Williams

for all the women who thought they were Mad is a daring and exhilarating fever dream about the forces that push a woman from the everyday into free fall.

• Lucille Lortel Theatre
• First Preview: October 15, 2019
• Opening: October 24, 2019
• Playwright: Matt Williams
• Director: Tea Alagić
• Cast: Obi Abili, Enrico Colantoni, and Alexander Garfin

Fear follows a little girl’s disappearance as it prompts a tense confrontation among a plumber, college professor and teenage boy. In this psychological drama, three neighbors discover how far they are willing to go to defend the values that define them.

• Theatre One @ Theatre Row
• First Preview: October 17, 2019
• Opening: October 20, 2019
• Playwright: Deb Margolin
• Director: Jerry Heymann
• Cast: Jeremiah Kissel, Gerry Bamman, and Jenny Allen

From within his prison cell, the now notorious Ponzi-ist Bernie Madoff is entangled in the memory of a profound, psychologically erotic evening spent with the poet and humanitarian, Solomon Galkin. In the presence of the righteous, can Madoff overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of his last chance at redemption?

• Cherry Lany Theatre
• First Preview: October 17, 2019
• Opening: October 20, 2019
• Playwright and Director: Murray Mednick
• Cast: Daniel Dorr, Max Faugno, Andy Hirsch, Laura Liguori, Alexis Sterling, Maury Sterling, and Ann Colby Stocking

A dramatic character study incorporating historical footage and photos, Mayakovsky and Stalin explores two distantly connected relationships: that of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and his wife Nadya and of Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and his married lover and "muse" Lilya Brik.

• The Public Theater/LuEsther Hall
• First Preview: October 19, 2019
• Opening: October 27, 2019
• Playwright and Director: Richard Nelson
• Cast: Charlotte Bydwell, Haviland Morris, Maryann Plunkett, Matilda Sakamoto, Jay O. Sanders, Brenda Wehle, and Rita Wolf

This new drama places the audience directly into the kitchen of Rose Michael, a celebrated choreographer. Dinner is cooked, modern dances are rehearsed, and the meal is eaten — all amidst conversations about art, death, family, dance, politics, the state of America, and how the world sees our country... and a host of everyday questions that make up the richness of ordinary life.

• Ars Nova at Greenwich House
• First Preview: October 21, 2019
• Opening: November 5, 2019
• Playwright: Liza Birkenmeier
• Director: Katie Brook
• Cast: Susan Blommaert, Marga Gomez, Erin Markey, and Kristen Sieh

It’s 1983, the evening before Dr. Sally Ride’s historic space flight. Hundreds of miles from the launch, three women with passionate opinions and no opportunities sit on a sweltering St. Louis rooftop watching life pass them by. Their uncharted desires bump up against American norms of sex and power in this intimate snapshot of queer anti-heroines.

• The Pershing Square Signature Center/Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre
• First Preview: October 22, 2019
• Opening: November 11, 2019
• Playwright: Anna Deveare Smith
• Director: Saheem Ali
• Cast: Michael Benjamin Washington

There are three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth. Following the deaths of a Black American boy and a young Orthodox Jewish scholar in the summer of 1991, underlying racial tensions in the nestled community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn erupted into civil outbreak. Fires in the Mirror was Anna Deavere Smith’s groundbreaking response. Birthed from a series of interviews with over fifty members of the Jewish and Black communities, the Drama Desk award-winning work translated their voices verbatim, and in the process revolutionized the genre of documentary theatre.

• The Duke on 42nd Street
• First Preview: October 25, 2019
• Opening: November 10, 2019
• Libretto: Ellen Fitzhugh and Harrison David Rivers
• Music: Ted Shen
• Director: Jack Cummings III
• Cast: Justin Cunningham

An African-American family grapples with decades of inequality, violence, and suppression in the South. Benny, an orderly at a nursing home, delicately balances his role as a caregiver to an ornery white resident who shares a contentious past with his white boss while at the same time caring for his own family as the fight for equality grips the nation in the midst of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Thirty years later, his daughter, Ruby, struggles to understand an incident of police brutality against her 15-year-old son.

• York Theatre at Saint Peter's
• First Preview: October 26, 2019
• Opening: October 27, 2019
• Book: Herbert Fields and B.G. DeSylva
• Music and Lyrics: Cole Porter
• Director: Michael Montel
• Cast: TBD

A brassy nightclub owner must bid for the approval of her fiancé’s family – a task only made more complicated when she discovers a plan to blow up the Panama Canal.

• The Public Theater/Anspacher Theater
• First Preview: October 29, 2019
• Opening: November 19, 2019
• Playwright: Tony Kushner
• Director: Oskar Eustis
• Cast: TBD

Agnes, an actress in Weimar Germany, and her cadre of passionate, progressive friends, are torn between protest, escape, and survival as the world they knew crumbles around them. Her story is interrupted by an American woman enraged by the cruelty of the Reagan administration, and a new character, grappling with the anxiety, distraction, hope, and hopelessness of an artist facing the once unthinkable rise of authoritarianism in modern America.

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